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Photographic Inspiration: David duChemin

About 2 weeks ago I came across a fantastic book titled “Photographically Speaking”, and it has played a huge part in changing the way I look at my photos and the way I think about my framing when approaching a scene. The author of the book is the extraordinary photographer David duChemin, and when I continued to search through his work and writings it was like a never ending fountain of knowledge and inspiration. He approaches his photos with such a strong personal vision and seems to have such a distinct reason for each element in his scenes. With his teachings he focuses heavily on photographic vision and the story telling aspect of the art, so its no wonder that his photos contain such stories with depth and dimension.

I love his creative comps with interesting use of blur and wide angle mixes. Its refreshing to see a pro photographer that is out there continuing to experiment in creativity, and because of it continues to produce wonderfully unique scenes.

He is truly an outstanding creative and Im excited to either remind or introduce you to his work and teachings.

Visit his Portfolio HERE

Visit his Blog HERE – tons and tons of good learning to be had 🙂

And you can checkout his awesome collection of E-Books HERE – I love when authors release inexpensive books like this!!

David duChemin

Š David duChemin

Š David duChemin

Š David duChemin

I will be writing a more complete review of the book once Im finished, and look forward to adding the rest of his collection to my library.

As always leave your comments below, I look forward to hearing how you feel about his work and teachings

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31 thoughts on “Photographic Inspiration: David duChemin

  1. Oh Thank you for this… when I get back from holiday I will check it out more thoroughly but it’s just my cup of tea 😀

  2. Good compositions. I particularly like the bicycle.

  3. David duchemin is a favorite photographer and writer of mine, I haven’t read this book (yet) but I am sure that if it is as good as the other two I have read it is very inspirational I will look forward to hearing more.

    • Thanks for sharing your thought 🙂 Be sure to keep an eye out for the contest this weekend on the facebook page! Im just saying it may or may not be related to this post.. just saying

  4. Yes, David is a fantastic photographer, and is very generous about sharing his passion for and knowledge of photography with anyone who is willing to listen. Glad you discovered him!

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing that Nick.
    I have had a look at his portfolio, the safari shots are particularly enchanting.
    My mission tomorrow is to head in to the city and track down a copy of that book.
    Thanks again for letting us know about it.

  6. Oh…now here’s a good story David duChemin was recently stopped at the US and Canadian border and not permitted into the US…for fear he might stay….so strange.

  7. That last picture is soooo awesome 🙂

  8. His work is so expressive and natural. A rare talent, like Steve McCurry and Joshi Daniel, he has an uncanny ability to shoot up close and personal without being or even appearing intrusive.

  9. Thanks for reminding me about David DuChemin. I had seen his work before, but it’s worth looking again more closely. Love the selective focus. Don’t know whether it’s Lensbaby at work or something else.

  10. Thank you for pointing me toward his work! I’ll be checking out his blog and getting a couple of his books.

  11. Love that bicycle photo.

  12. Hey Nick, thanks for the kind words and the shout-out to the new book. Drop me a line if I can ever help you out in some way. Looks like you’ve got a great community of nice folks here!

    • David, hey brotha thanks for swinging by! And thank you for being a great inspiration with not only your photos but also your dedication to fantastic teaching. And yes I would argue I have the greatest community ever 😉 And still growing.

  13. Love David duChemin!! I have so many of his books, and even more of his e-books. Finding him was such an inspiration. I’m looking forward to reading your review Nick. This is one of his books I don’t have yet.

    So nice of him to stop by here to encourage you! Class act and wonderful human 🙂

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