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Ready for Action

ISO 1600 50mm f/4 1/250sec

I really enjoyed coming across this shot! There was just so much to the scene that I absolutely loved! The worn yellow paint on the steps adding to the story of time that takes place within the frame. Of course I loved the crumbled loose bricks adding the extra level of grunge and a sort of mysteriousness as we are peaking around this corner, I am almost tempted to continue moving my body to see what more there is to offer around the rest of this wall. And of course the protagonist of the story the bold eagerly awaiting fire extinguisher.

Its as if the fire extinguisher is just peering out of the window ready for its chance to be the Hero. As red as the color of Supermans cape… or underwear (but thats just weird), this guardian is keeping watch over the streets of his town, awaiting for the day he will come to rescue and bare his mighty ability, to distinguish a tall flame with a single blow.

Im not sure when his day will come, but I feel more at ease knowing he is watching over the streets of Downtown. Thank you bold hero… Thank you.. .. .. *tear*.. *bow*… *curtain*.. Nailed it

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17 thoughts on “Ready for Action

  1. Great shot and great story!! You have a good eye for this!! Hoping to see more of your shots!! πŸ˜‰

  2. perhaps we should invent a lense that can take pictures around corners?…

  3. I like this shot too. I wonder if your anecdotes help you to frame up and capture your images. Most people would simply walk past this and notice nothing except a little clutter that needs to be cleaned up.

  4. The shot has a worn, tired feel to it which I think is great.

  5. I love photos taken in windows, it creates this awesome feeling of a double negative print.

  6. The textures are nice. A crop of just the bottom half might be interesting.

    • Thats true AC, one of the things I love about photography is we all see things different. Its fun knowing not everyone would shoot the scene in the same way as I did πŸ™‚

  7. I just love this story! And of course, the photo too. I love the composition, it really does look like he’s peering out the window.

    Terrific. Again! πŸ™‚

  8. Jack Brewis on said:

    Wonderful shot Nick.

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