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Photographic Inspiration: Michael Levin

When it comes to fine art, my taste resides in “the simpler the better”, with a few exceptions. Michael Levin’s portfolio is the definition of simplistic expression when it comes to black and white fine art! His ability to narrow in and capture a scenes most simple elements is a true inspiration.

His images are so well balanced you cant help but to enjoy the process of being drawn in. The composition is executed in such a brilliant way, that even with a photographic eye I immediately focus on the scene itself rather than scanning for the  building block of the image, which I think as photographic creatives we do to often. With a wide variety of subjects across his portfolio, its truly a joy strolling through each photo.

As simple as his images are, I don’t feel that complex comments of the beauty in his work would do justice. So rather than going on about the magic of his photos, Ill let them speak for themselves.

Visit his website HERE

I would also suggest watching the short videos on his website as well. They testify to his ability to see the simplicity in often complex scenes.

"Spring Snow" Michael Levin

© Michael Levin

"Grid" Michael Levin

© Michael Levin

"Un Veau" Michael Levin

© Michael Levin

As always I look forward to hearing your thoughts! If you have some inspiration you would like to share feel free to post on the Facebook page for everyone to enjoy 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Photographic Inspiration: Michael Levin

  1. excellently simple. Immediately eye catching. Wonderful.

  2. Rick Schuster on said:

    I love his work too, along with Michael Kenna, who’s been making similarly beautiful, simple images since the 1970’s. It seems like Levin must have been heavily influenced by Kenna.

    • Hey thanks for sharing Michael Kenna Rick! Your probably correct with the influence between the two.

      • Rick Schuster on said:

        You’re welcome. Michael Kenna is one of my all-time favorites. I’m sure you’ll love his work, and he has a huge body of work shown on his website. But Levin’s work is absolutely beautiful, too. I love the long exposures, and it’s something I’d like to concentrate on trying more myself. And as a fan of film, I like that Levin is shooting film some of the time — I see in one of his videos he’s using a large format view camera. Kenna is still doing all his work on film, and doing traditional darkroom printing.

  3. I agree with the simplicity. I like it

  4. I absolutely love the simplistic and minimalistic style of Michael’s work. Very inspiring Nick… thanks for sharing ! 🙂

  5. Fantastic work! I can see why he is an inspiration.

  6. This is what i call =Impression=

  7. sick talent! Wow, I love this stuff

  8. I always love finding new (to me) Photographers! Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Hi work is such a visual treat – proof less is so much more.

  10. Amazingly Beautiful!

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