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Welcome to the Family

ISO100 50mm f/11 1/15sec

Like I’ve mentioned in recent posts I have been more and more intrigued by the film medium (Although I shoot mainly digital, which most likely will not change), and have been shooting with my Minolta SRT 202 off and on. Yesterday even, I announcement on facebook my new minolta 55mm 1.7 lens I picked up for cheap. Well, last week I won an online auction for an iconic Canon AE-1 with a 50mm 1.8 lens included. I was excited to see it arrive in the mail today and immediately loaded er’ up with film and set out to shoot downtown with my new… old… camera. I had both my DSLR and new AE-1 by my side, but with my excitement for my new toy, I was shooting more with the AE-1 throughout the day. In doing so my “good pictures” were captured onto the film rather than my card, which caused a bit of a problem when I found out the local 1-hour photo was out of service for the next few days with the others in town already closed for the day, which makes getting my daily photo out a wee bit difficult to say the least.

I will have the film developed at another location tomorrow after church, but still have to share an image for the day, so why not share the new addition to the camera family with a pic of the AE-1. This camera was an absolute blast to shoot with today, and I really enjoyed the ease of use with the built in easy to read (As far as I know, I guess the developed pics will tell the real tale) light meter built right in. The camera seems to be in perfect working order which is exceptional for the price I picked it up for (May share more on my bargain hunting methods later).

It is super late at night right now so I didn’t put a great deal of effort into making sure this image was absolutely perfect, and more so wanted to share the new camera with you. Be on the lookout for an updated “In My Bag” section as I just got rid of some equipment and have now added a new bag and camera to the line up.

I know there are mixed feeling about film vs digital out there. I always love to hear both sides, so be sure to leave your comments below. Feel free to spark some positive conversations on the topic!

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22 thoughts on “Welcome to the Family

  1. To be honest, my experience of shooting on film has been limited to compact cameras – when I moved to an SLR, I went straight to digital. I like the flexibility of being able to pick and choose very readily what images I use (I never delete images, only archive them), but can fully appreciate the tactile nature and satisfaction of a decent photograph caught on film.

    • Hey Rich, I agree the freedom to experiment without worry is a beauty I enjoy with my Canon dslr as well! And with film, the process of having to commit to a photo and the limited frames that can be shot cause me to slow dow and think about my shots more. I think film offers a wonderful learning experience and can assist greatly in developing a keen eye for your personal style.

  2. To each his own. I stopped using my SLR in favor of my wife’s compact digital the moment that she got it. I have moved on to DSLRs since then.

    • As have most AC, which is what draws me even more to the experimentation of 35mm. Just as I enjoy the tattered seldom visited areas of downtown, I cant help but be intrigued by the technologies of the past in this art platform. I guess I have a sense of moving backwards in order to understand why we are moving forwards, being I am a child of the technological ages.

  3. I love using film alongside digital. I do like the freedom of digital, not worrying about how many shots I have left, trying crazy things I would never had tried on film. But sometimes I like the slower pace of shooting with film and the discipline it brings. Hope the new family member provides you with some nice images and a lot of enjoyment.

  4. My alltime favorite slr had top shutter speed of 1/1000, build in lightmeter, fast lenses and could be run without batteries (batteries needed for lightmeter). Except for the film vs digital, I would still prefer a camera like that.

    • Its simplicity really, without having to mess with numerous dials and buttons. No worrying about the histogram on the back of the camera. While at the same time the complexity of my dslr has allowed me to be extremely creative without worries.

  5. I have been taking photos with my eyes all my life because I couldn’t afford the price of developing film so when digital came along I was right there. However, that being said, I know I missed out on a lot of training and I feel jealous when I talk to film photographers…they have experiences I’ll never have. I’ve been reading books by Galen Rowell and to hear him talk about his photography really makes me wish I had learned film. It’s not just the camera, it’s how film teaches you to see the world and evaluate it because, unlike digital, you don’t get the results right away. I shoot with a Canon but my son bought an old (film) Nikon for a class he took. I may pull that puppy out and give it a try! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. I enjoyed using film for simple fact that I had to wait to have it developed. Once my anticipation was calmed and I saw the results of photo scouting it either lead to joy or retaking if possible! I actually enjoy both film and digital equally.

  7. cemferreira on said:

    Glad to see it’a not just me who’s curious! I got a 1968 Voigtlander the other day (pretty much ancient history, even compared to your Canon) and I’ve been taking it out every now and then. I’ve since discovered that the light metering is broken (boo!), so I’ve no idea how the photos will turn out. I’ve been enjoying having to thing about the aperture and timing, though.

    • Hey Carlos. Bummer about the light meter, if you have an iphone I would suggest the light meter app, theres two called light meter and they are both free. Ive tested against the metering in my dslr and they seem to be somewhat accurate. That may help you out a bit. I would love to see some of your results! Feel free to post a link in the comments or even on the facebook page. Thanks

  8. Cool! I actually have a camera like that lying around, but it’s not working. I got some tips on how to fix it though, so one of these days I should try. love the shot!

  9. Steve Barnes on said:

    Congratulations on your new/old camera! I shoot digital and film and enjoy both (I have more digital photos on my blog than film) – but there is a certain something special about film!
    I did write a short piece on why I like using film cameras – I hope you don’t mind me putting the link here, maybe it’s some more food for thought for you!

    It’s amazing how cheap film cameras are. I have a number of them and one can pick up a point ‘n’ shoot for very little money. I’ve never understood the argument that developing film is too expensive but spending hundreds of dollars on a digital point ‘n’ shoot is considered ok. I think if curious photographers coughed up 10 or 20 dollars/euros etc for a cheap point ‘n’ shoot film camera and saw that many times it will out perform a digital equivalent in terms of dynamic range and colours and dare I say it, soul, then they would be very happy, even just to use it every now and then for a different experience.
    It is limiting compared to digital – but I find those limits give me freedom!
    Sorry for the long text – but thanks for a stimulating post!

    • Hey thanks Steve! I appreciate your thoughts and look forward to reading your post. As always when feel free to share your own on topic links with me and my audience! I agree for how inexpensive film slr’s are compared to digital the “Cost” is still rather low for film even with developing fee’s.

  10. This is the camera I almost bought eons ago and went for a used Nikon F instead (see my blog “twice dropped”). I hope you’re as happy with your new “old” camera as I was with my first SLR… now all I need to do is get some film and find a place to develop it…. Happy shooting!

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