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Silly Walk

ISO 100 50mm f/5.6 1/1250sec

One of the things I love about downtown is the various graffiti its acquired over the years. Although I dont think I would ever “tag” anything myself, I love the idea of leaving your mark on the world. Its like claiming a piece of the town as your own, however unethical it may be. I have a few books in my library specifically on the subject of Graffiti around the world and have always been fascinated by the talent in some of these brilliant artists. Now obviously this is no Bansky masterpiece by any means, but I still enjoy it, especially with it being a Monte Python piece! I cant help but to think of the outrageously humorous Silly Walk in the various Python skits (Here), and wonder how many have been inspired by this tag to silly walk across the street. Its a brief reminder to not take life to seriously. I will be forever intrigued and inspired by those who are bold enough to leave their marks on society.

Are you leaving your mark?

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19 thoughts on “Silly Walk

  1. This is a subject close to my heart! My current post is on Graffiti. If you are interested have a look:


  2. I can imagine people crossing the street, all doing John Cleese silly walks – hilarious!

  3. Interesting the amount of DoF that you gave to this, this way we can still have a look at the other pole’s with the signs and the yellow, that same as this one, giving a bit of the mirror idea 🙂 great job.

  4. I agree with Fillipe. Really nice work.

    And I’m all for Silly Walks. : )

  5. I really enjoy some graffiti. There’s graffiti that is artful, creative, and pleasant. On the other hand, there’s a LOT out there that is simply trash. Maybe that makes me a graffiti snob. Wonder if anyone’s ever been called that before? Excellent work, as usual.

    • Haha Graffiti Snob, I think I may be the same way though. Im not a fan of the completely vulgar pieces left in parts of downtown. Thanks Jon

      • I’m a ‘graffiti snob’ as well, I’ve seen some wonderful and very clever graffiti ….but much of it is unimaginative, ugly and cowardly, by this I’m referring to those who tag over the work of others or who tag businesses who clearly do not wish to be part of tagger’s artistic expression.

  6. hehe .. love the subtle John Cleese ‘Ministry Of Silly Walks’ subtext. Says a lot by saying very little.

  7. janeeamon on said:

    So cool..I’m in the process of doing an iPad book called Graffiti. It is a collection of photos I took around my house with poetry….cool…

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