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Night Shift

ISO 200 24mm f/6.3 4sec

Despite the misty weather, and running the risk of exposing the camera to some serious moisture I made the trip downtown to shoot it in a different light, or lack there of, than I normally shoot. The city wasn’t as alive as I had hoped for on a wednesday evening. Never the less I made a quick trip around the outskirts to observe the scenery in its misty haze. I decided I would shoot for some HDR shots to really bring everything to life, and with the repeatedly long shutters per bracket it only allotted for couple of scenes to be captured, most of which were ruined by the massive amounts of water that would accumulate on the lens. Lucky enough this was one of the shots that actually turned out.

With a good deal of detail available in the image it was an enjoyable playground working in lightroom and photomatix. I really wanted to bring this image to life, blurring the line of between photo and reality. After a good deal of time with minor tweaks I enjoy the resulting image. It has a painterly quality resulting form the large aperture, while at the same time acting as its own pop-up book, drawing you into the various mini scenes available.

It was actually a rather warm and enjoyable night, even with the misty wet fog. My good friend Hogan (from the shadow on the wallΒ post), made the trip downtown with me and took some interest in the camera this time. He enjoyed peering through the view finder to see the scene through the lens. I tried my best to explain to him why the long shutter speeds and multiple shots. Despite the many ruined exposure from the moisture the night was still very enjoyable and I am pleased with the end results.

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47 thoughts on “Night Shift

  1. Great shot! I stood on that bridge many times shooting photos of downtown GR for my Michigan travel guide.

  2. Beautiful, looks like something out of a sci-fi movie!

  3. very nice picture……looks almost like something from a christmas card….not quite real………..

  4. Amazing. This kind of photo is not very easy to get, specially when the weather conditions are not helping, and you managed to do a great job πŸ™‚

  5. Great! I really like the atmosphere you’ve captured here.

  6. Great shot and HDR treatment!

  7. Love the lighting there.

  8. great shot — totally worth the “risk!” i love the combination of the stillness/softness of the water and sky with the dynamics of the bridge. and great composition! my eye travels right through the photo!

  9. the night shift was worth it! Beautiful shot!

  10. That’s a stunning photo, Nick. Nice work.

    Battle the elements with a large freezer zip lock bag. If you have a cable release or remote it makes it easier to shoot, once you’be dialed stuff in. Let the bag protrude like a sun shade to protect the lens. After shooting, zip the bag so when you go in water condenses on the outside of the bag and not on the camera and lens.

  11. Very, very nice.

  12. You are changing my mind about HDRs πŸ™‚ When they’re done right….WOW. Congratulations on an absolutely gorgeous shot. I love this πŸ™‚

  13. Beautiful HDR! I recently took an interest in HDR and find it intriguing. I haven’t done many yet but would like to get into it more sometime.

    • Hey Erica! Yea HDR can be loads of fun, Ive recently changed my methods of processing and seem to be liking my results more and more. Id love to see some of yours, shoot me a link if you wouldn’t mind.

  14. Great shot! It really is amazing considering the wheather.

  15. Just Brilliant and what a wonderful artistic photo

  16. Dear Nick,

    I’m a huge admirer of HDR and this shot is phenomenal.

    Keep up the good work and thank you for following my blog.

    See you around!

  17. I’ve never shot HDR. Don’t have a camera capable of it. But this is very nice, Nick. Maybe someday I’ll get a chance to try some. What’s the name of the bridge?

    • Hey Dave, yea HDR can be fun to play with. I’m not sure the name of the bridge, it’s a walking path between the university and the rest of the city. It made for a good subject.

  18. Very nice shot! Well done.

    –Photo Ape

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