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Tomorrows Guest Blogger!

First of all Happy Valentines Day to you all!! I hope your spending some wonderfully meaningful time with your loved ones!!

Now onto business because I am very excited to share tomorrows Guest Blogger with you!

Betsy Crouch is a perfect example of  balance between professional work life and personal creative expression, and often find ways to blend to two together creating extraordinary results! Betsy is the CEO and Founder of Sizzle Consulting where she is passionate at helping people find what makes them come to life. I have had the amazing privilege of having coaching calls with Betsy over the last couple months, and I must say I look forward to the call each week. They not only push me personally and professionally but also creatively, and finding a intertwined balance between each area in order to perform at my best. I find that Betsy and I share some common beliefs on the power of bringing personal creativity into your life, which happens to be the subject of her post tomorrow.

Betsy has enjoyed a life of much success with various different career achievements, including top producing management positions and a Vice Presidency with an extraordinary Financial Consulting firm, and now with founding Sizzle Consulting. Betsy is an entrepreneur, coach, artist, speaker, writer, improv actor, and a storyteller.  She has conducted over 4,000 coaching sessions helping individuals and organizations to thrive. To say she is qualified to share thoughts on the power of creative thinking would be an understatement!

Be on the lookout for the post tomorrow, and come ready to be inspired as Betsy shares thoughts on the meaning of creativity and how to openly express it in order to thrive.

You can check out more on Betsy at her various sites.

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4 thoughts on “Tomorrows Guest Blogger!

  1. I look forward to tomorrow’s post!

  2. Me too! Thank you dear Nick! Happy Valentine’s Day! with my love, nia

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