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Scuffing on the Wall

ISO 1600 50mm f/11 1/125sec

With yesterday being Valentines day I had set out on a mission to create a Valentines inspired image different from anything I had seen. I fabricated a brilliant idea and went to town to create it! I went out and spent $35+ on supplies and hurried home to set it all up. I spent 20 plus minutes in working on the super simple setup and shot for an hour and a half running back and forth to the computer to verify results. I would get about 10-15 min into editing an image before realizing that I needed to shoot at a different angle. So I would hurry back over to the setup and shoot again. I put a great deal of effort into these shots, and then came to the realization that it just wasn’t happening the way I wanted haha. I don’t share this to get pity, I just feel at times we should share the humor of our failures. Keeps us humble 🙂 I haven’t done away with the idea just yet, I just think its going to work better in a different setting and have plans to create it soon 😉

Being this took me late into the night and I had to get up early this morning for a conference call, I decided to share an image from last week that I wanted to share, but it got beat out by the Summer Colors photo. There has already been a great number of comments on the interesting skid marks left on the wall, which is the element that drew me in to curiously capture the scene. I think Leah nailed it when she guessed that it was left by bike tires from kids doing tricks off the wall. However I still love letting my imagination run in order to come up with less likely but more exaggerated excuses for the marks. I also love the common thought of an urban grass feeling, and thought the same thing when I started working with it in lightroom.

One of the things I love about shooting downtown is there is a new “adventure” like this around every corner! The busy streets hold so many stories ready to be revealed, and it changes every single day. Just the idea that this original scene could all be washed off the wall next week creating a completely different story excites me at a high level. The world is always changing and I love being out there to experience and capture it!

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37 thoughts on “Scuffing on the Wall

  1. The way you frame your photos makes everything look beautiful.

  2. One of the things I take away from your photos is the way you turn the ordinary into art. (That sounds really patronising, but it is in no way intended to be; I REALLY like your work!)

  3. cool, it looks almost like grass!

  4. fantastic shot Nick, I have to ask how the scuffing got there though any ideas?

    • You know, I was wondering the same thing haha. Its the only spot on the entire wall that has these markings. It looks like it was in a wrestling match with a semi tire, but given its location there would be no reason for a truck to get up over the side walk and that close to the wall. Its partly what drew me into the scene was my own curiosity. Thanks

  5. How cool! Well captured.

  6. Cool shot – it almost looks like long grasses and bulrushes blowing in the wind!!

  7. Sweet Harmony Photo on said:

    Bet it’s a bicycle tire…….
    Lovely use of negative space.

  8. Vanessa Rolland on said:

    That is cool !
    (thanks for following ThePurplePulp btw 😉 )

  9. Steve M. on said:

    Great shot!

    I’d almost call it Urban Grass haha.

  10. Since I’m a marshy waterfowl shooting gal, my immediate thought was that it looked like marshy grasses blowing in the wind. So cool!

  11. My first thought was that the scuff marks had a wind swept grass on a prairie look. Cool shot.

  12. Oh, yes. Kids bike tricks. It is such a pain to clean off the wall. A common sight on warehouse buildings because of all the built in “ramps” created by dock and grade doors side by side. I do like others thoughst of it being urban grass. That sounds romantic.

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  14. I’m with ~mimo~ I imagined a wheat field.

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