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ISO100 109mm f/16 1/8sec

I won’t lie, the recent snow fall has me a bit bummed, let alone chilly. I had gotten so used to the warmer weather that I about forgot it was still winter. With the flop of temperature I’ve been somewhat longing for summer time to arrive and have been gazing over to my summer wear the last few days in hopes it would warm things up a bit. So to somewhat express my mood I decided to shoot some of my summer shades to add to my simplistic approach on fine art.

These are just cheap simple sunglasses I got at a concert last summer, but have enjoyed wearing them with the rest of my beach attire. I have a few different colors but mostly prefer the bright orange version to add a bold splash of color during hot summer days.

Believe it or not I did not use my trusty light box here, but instead opted for just the lights and white poster paper. In order to get the forward casting shadows, I had to forgo the box and go with a much simpler approach. Alls I did was lay the white paper out on the table, with the back end slopping up onto my camera bag. I clamped both lights to the casing of my bag and had each shine towards the back of the shades. Thats it! Super simple, then I worked a couple different angles to see which I liked best. I like to shoot in aperture priority and bracket a either a half stop, sometimes a full stop, above and below regular exposure just to have various options to choose from when bringing it into lightroom.

I really liked this straight on view shot Β from above slightly because the way the frames land in behind the glass. Its almost an illusion of bug eyed pupils looking through the glass giving it almost a comedic feeling. Either way I can’t wait for summer to arrive so I can wear these guys out to the beach again!

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30 thoughts on “Shades

  1. You know, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow. Sorry, Nick, but keep your glasses polished and ready.

  2. Oh, forgot to say I like how you off-centered the composition.

  3. I love this Nick…and thanks for letting us know your process. Great shot

  4. Martin Lack on said:

    “These are just cheap simple sunglasses…” Then, for your sake, Nick, I hope they protect against UV. A victory of form over function will do you know good if your eyesight is impaired by radiation.

    In the meantime, keep up the excellent photography and entertaining writing. πŸ™‚

    • Actually what I do Martin, is I have two Tiffen UV filters that I adhere to the front of the glasses to add that extra protection. lol πŸ˜‰ When I got them they had little “UV protected” stickers on them stating they were safe. Thanks for your concern!

  5. So simple yet so awesome!!! Love it!

  6. simple and effective…I’m glad I’m not the only one longing for summer days and sandy beaches.

  7. The shades just BEG to be seen symmetrical. But that is so clichΓ© and therefore would not be seen. Setting them off-center calls attention to them….just as I’m sure your bright orange version draws attention to you on hot summer days!!! πŸ™‚ Thanks for a bit of warmth on this cold day.

  8. Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog post!

  9. I really like this. We’re feeling the chill over here and although the uk winters are usually quite mild compared to some of the States and I can’t really complain as we’ve had very little snow so far the climate just seems to have been grey for ever and I long for some colour and warmth. This also reminds me that I left my (cheap but comfortable) sunglasses in my old car when it went back to the lease company the week before last. Winter seems a little more gloomy without a pair of shades in the car waiting to be worn again.

  10. That’s very creative! When I look at this just right, I see a cartoon face looking back at me. The wide set pupils and the cheeks below. Not unlike the way my 5 y/o granddaughter draws her dad’s face. (Now my brain is working unbidden on the rest of this guy.)

  11. Just looked at a bunch of your posts and am really enjoying the B+W images. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. This is awesome! thanks for your support btw, it means a lot

  13. Simply terrific. Period.

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