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Summer Colors

ISO100 50mm f/5 1/1600 sec

Walking around downtown today was a bit chillier then it has been the last week, yet despite the bitter cold I was able to find some warmth with this scene.

Finding this was a bit of a surprise as it was a major contrast to the dull surroundings of the immediate peripheral cityscape. Β Everything else had been grayed and muted by the city life. Like its lost its soul long ago, and now only reminisces of the good ol days. But not this wall here! Its like the new kid on the block trying to bring the fun and excitement back into the streets. Its the kid thats banging on the door as soon as the sun is up trying to bring everyone out to play ball, and then keeps the energy going till the sun goes down. With its vidid colors is not afraid to make a bold statement, and is just waiting for the rest of the street to join in on the fun.

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37 thoughts on “Summer Colors

  1. Fabulous!! I love that photo!

  2. I guess great minds think alike!

  3. Evoking summer and a departure from the ISO 1600 :). Great composition and tones, warmed me up after a cold day in the hills. Going to try your light box in the next few days, keep it up Nick.

    • Thanks Kris! Its funny you say that, I was shooting at 1600 for a better part of the day being the sun was popping in and out, but this was a hot scene so I dropped back down to 100 to pay it some respect πŸ™‚

  4. this image is so well executed…I love colors here

  5. Love how vivid the colors are!

  6. Beautiful colors and I like the composition, too. Well done!

  7. so much i love about this — great colors, shapes, composition and texture!

  8. This is reinforcing a current urge to either a) paint the walls in my house the colors of mangoes, turquoise, and sunsets; or b) move to Mexico.

  9. Love the colours πŸ™‚ amazing

  10. A very bold image. I like it very much πŸ™‚

  11. Great shot, makes me longing for summer days…

  12. Great refreshing shot!

  13. What a lovely way to express the feelings of those bright colors. Cool image.

  14. cemferreira on said:

    Excellent, great colours.

  15. Wow – a real eye-full of warmth and cheer

  16. Beautiful colors!! You definitely wouldn’t even think it was winter! Wish I could get away with painting this color somewhere in my house, just to brighten my mood on gloomy days.

  17. Wonderful bright colours and feel to this shot Nick. Really great shot.

  18. Very nice work Nick, and thank you for liking my “Forest in Stone.”

  19. my favourite color turqoise!

  20. kassiastclair on said:

    I very much want it to be summer after seeing this photo!

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