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Street Statements

ISO 1600 50mm f/5.6 1/250sec

Walking around downtown I come across a few homeless “shelters” tucked into cubbies on the side of abandoned buildings and into alley ways. But none are as well equipped as this one. If there was such thing as homeless elegance, Im sure this would be one of the defining situations. This adopted area was fully equipped with sleeping bag, mini book shelf with tattered books, a blender (despite having no plug-in) and a few signs with various messages. Unfortunately most of the scene was lost into the deep shadows cast by the partial cover of the wall to the left.

I find scenes like this extremely interesting, and instantly find myself in a state of gratitude. I couldn’t imagine living in a situation like this, and cant fathom the situations it would take to get to that point. But at the same time find it interesting in all the things that the homeless can find interest in themselves. It often leads me to asking genuine questions as to why they may do something, like what is their purpose with these signs? Why are they so pro credit unions? What happened to the extra 1%? Are they apposed to that single percentile? Are they only 99% for credit unions? Random questions continued to pop into my head while originally observing the scene. It was actually almost like a fun game to browse from a distance (Im not into invading anyones home with out asking) and find things of intriguing values. Is it all just a collection of worthless “junk”, or does this stuff hold a certain value to its rent-free owner?

Be grateful my friends, for when times get cold we have sweaters to wear, thermostats to regulate. We are contained in the comfort of our homes, shielded from the elements. We have cars to take us to our next exciting adventure, and friends and family to bring the adventure to us when we get lonely. Don’t take life for granted! Live life to its fullest, but don’t forget to love the life you were blessed with!

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17 thoughts on “Street Statements

  1. I sometimes wonder when it’s cold outside how on earth homeless people survive, not just physically, but mentally. How would I cope with the utter desolation of being in that situation? You’re right, we mustn’t take our homes and shelter for granted, it’s a very precious thing to have.

    • Absolutely Lorna! I think its a great thing to reflect on, its a great driving force to get us involved at a higher level, even if that may only be volunteering at the soup kitchen or local shelter for a day.

  2. Fantastic photo and the theme is really important to all nowadays.

  3. Martin Lack on said:

    Excellent work as usual, Nick. And some poignant thoughts too. Have you ever read Toby Young’s How to Lose Friends and Alienate People (an hysterical review of his brief time working for Vanity Fair magazine in NY)? Although I am generally sympathetic to the conservative message, I think Young is far too embedded in the Establishment for my liking. However, in this book, he makes some noteworthy criticisms of the heartless meritocracy that is the USA, which seems to allow of a large percentage of the population to remain unmoved by the obvious injustice of privatized medicare and the relative poverty of 50% of their fellow citizens.

  4. Excellent post! I cannot imagine life that way, and every time I see a situation like that I pray for the individual and am so thankful for my life… Great job!

  5. Very thoughtful post and interesting photo. It certainly does inspire us to be thankful for each day we have under our own roof.

  6. Really great post. Loved the photo.

  7. Looks like “Occupy” paraphernalia, not necessarily the domicile of a homeless person. There’s the “move your money” sign – intended to encourage people to move their money from the big banks to credit unions. There’s the 99% sign. And many occupy sites have libraries of donated books.

  8. Maybe he likes credit unions ’cause they hand out free candy and the banks don’t? Does he live here because this is what he wants to do or because he’s out of choices? Will he be in the same cubby hole next week? I wonder how this fellow manages when the cold sets in?

  9. Very well said! 🙂

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