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Photographic Inspiration: Chema Madoz

So unfortunately the Guest Writer portion for this week kind of fell through. However I have excellent guests lined up for the next couple weeks and they have all confirmed their posts will be ready πŸ™‚ So in place of the Guest blog section I thought I would share with you guys another one of my inspirations when it comes to master photographers. This is one who most probably haven’t heard of, yet he has such astonishing work that continues to inspire me each time I browse through his brilliant portfolio.

His name is Chema Madoz, and he is a Spanish Photographer now in his mid 60’s. He does surrealist fine art photos with old cameras like the Hasselblad. His work absolutely blows me away with the level of creativeness and ingenious sarcasm and humor he implies as he sets out to prove that not everything is what it seems to be. Every single photo he has shares a significant story, which draws you in until you realize you’ve been starring at the same image for the last 45 minutes. His images bring to mind the mystery and enjoyment of an old vaudeville act, where only on this stage would you see something so absurd yet so beautiful. His work brings together elements of elegance, mystery, magic and humor to make some of the most outstanding and interesting fine art Ive ever came across. He focuses on simplicity, and often times leaves me with the inevitable thought of “why didn’t I think of that”.

Here is his Website

If you understand Spanish here is a six part interview with Chema. Each part is only around 3 minutes in length.
(Even if you don’t understand what is being said (like me) watch it with the sound off and enjoy the slide of pics they play during the interview)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6Β – He shows is studio in this one and you can see how truly creative he is.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Chema! I hope he inspires you as much as he has me.

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16 thoughts on “Photographic Inspiration: Chema Madoz

  1. I love this… I’m off to his website. And I have the same reaction: “Why didn’t I think of doing this?” Thank you.

  2. Amazing. Thank you for sharing this guys ingenious work. πŸ˜€

  3. WOW, this work is stunning! thanks for sharing!!!

  4. Brilliant work. Now I’m scouring my surroundings for some appropriate surrealism yet to be revealed.

  5. Creative …. very creative.

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