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Red Texture

ISO200 37mm f/11 1/200sec

I wanted to wait a bit before I posted a description about this photo. Im currently reading “Photographically speaking” by David duChemin, and in it he talks about creating images that speak for themselves. He mentions that if you need to start the conversation with your own words then the picture isn’t strong enough to speak for itself. And this is only a chapter or two into the book… its going to be a good book 🙂 So this has me thinking more about my images Im taking and sharing with the world. Im trying to approach with a message in mind, not so much for me to share through my words, but through my photographic expression.

In this case it was really just sharing my experience for coming across such an extraordinarily textured and vibrant wall. I bracketed for HDR in order to capture as much detail as I possible could, because it was the detail that originally drew me into the scene in the first place. And with the vibrant highly saturated red the wall was sporting, it was certain this wall was making a statement. The funny thing is this is the side wall to the local Subway restaurant (You know.. “Eat Fresh”). On the other side of the wall are un-energized clock watching sandwich artists that cant wait for the day to get over so they can get on with their lives. Isn’t that crazy to think about, on the one side of the wall you have Bold Vibrant Excitement, on the other you have a mundane and monotonous lack of energy. I felt like a completely different person outside looking at the wall versus what I was feeling not a minute or two before while in line hungry for a sub but being fed negative energy from the workers who had 50 other places in mind where they would rather be. Completely different environments, yet only a foot of concrete wall apart.

Its in my nature to find not only creative, but personal inspiration in the various things I come across throughout the day. And this reminds me that far to often we choose to sit in an energy draining environment wondering why we aren’t getting to the places in life we want to get to, when what we need to do is change our environment to one that is full of energy and excitement. Often times the better environment isn’t that much further away.

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32 thoughts on “Red Texture

  1. The composition is brilliant!!

  2. Fantastic contrasts and colours. great job

  3. Really enjoying your posts!

  4. Simplicity, Red, Composition…what great elements in this photo 🙂

  5. Nice composition, lines and color.

    I understand that the stucco has its own texture, but what did you add to give the rest of the photo the grainy texture it has?

    • Hey Carissa! When I post these pics on here, according to the click rate through the site most people view at the smaller size, so I bump the sharpening up in Lightroom to give it a crisp feeling when at the reduced size. The sharpening adds an interesting grain pattern when enlarged. Thanks for asking 🙂

  6. Love the color contrasts!

  7. Very nice! Nick your work is always visually top notch.

  8. I love the simplicity and texture!!!

  9. Nick, really nice thought to go with a well executed shot. I’d have loved to have seen the other side of the wall too. Maybe with a strap line of ‘Two sides to every wall’. But even so, your words have painted a good second picture.

  10. Terrific shot. I love the way you’ve framed it.

  11. Kind of like Rothko meets stucco…the levity is not intended to criticize. I loved this shot. There is movement and energy here that makes me want to be better. Nice

  12. Striking image and a great post all around. The book you mentioned is currently in my Amazon shopping cart. Perhaps it’s time I take the plunge and buy it. 🙂

  13. That’s some great advice duChemin offers, you did a great job with this shot. the textures, color, and composition makes an overall happy feelings picture 🙂 Thanks for sharing!!

  14. Loren De Marco Photography on said:

    i had to see for myself what’s goin on here at Nick Exposed. Great photos sir, this one in particular. quite an eye for composition.

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