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Shadow on the Wall

ISO 200 100mm f/11 1/60sec

In my story I will be referring to shooting yesterday as I am posting this on sunday. The internet was being goofy last night and not letting me on. haha.

Yesterday I had the company of one of my best friends with me while shooting downtown. Hogan and I have know each other since early teenage years, and he’s always been down for adventuring around town with me. However, this is the first time he’s been with me when I was armed with my dslr so Im sure it was a slightly different experience for him. We took a wider approach to exploring downtown then I normally take and walked along the outskirts rather than through the heart of the city. I must admit going through the some 300 photos I took, it was not one of my better days at shooting. Regardless of the photo’s I returned home with I had a blast hanging out like the good ol’ days when we were kids with no worries and no obligations except to be adventurous kids.

As we circled back around the front of the city I suggested we venture down by the river path, which despite being closed for the off season had an easy enough gate to hop over. Thats right were “Rebels”.. get it, its funny because I carry around a Canon Rebel.. no.. don’t worry you’ll laugh about it later. Anyway, I had never been on the river path before and it was like we had just hopped over into a completely different city as we walked the paths surrounded with water. The walls and bridge overpasses were decorated with the subtle yet beautiful texture of stone that was lit by the golden glow of the slowly setting sun. We were no longer surrounded by the busy grunge of downtown, but rather a familiarity to the scenes of Venice. I half expected to see a gondola paddle on by, but had no such luck.

As we made our way under one of the overpassing bridges we stopped to appreciate the beauty around gazing into the water and overlooking the sun filled scenery around us. It was at this point I realized another candid moment of spontaneity as Hogan was looking up and off to the distance casting a rather abstract shadow. He’s wearing his “G” hat as we call it and it causes the shadow to be at first unidentifiable until understanding what it is. It almost looks like it could be the overcasting shadow of a weird alien in some sort of sci-fi flic. I had to capture the moment and it turned out being one of my favorites of the day.

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13 thoughts on “Shadow on the Wall

  1. Love the conehead alien you Rebel you!! It’s amazing what we will do for our love of photography isn’t it? 🙂

    • It is amazing! I often find my self running into the middle of muddy fields or climbing up crazy things just to get “the shot”. Since photography my life has been one big adventure! I love it 🙂 Thanks Cindy!

  2. I love your creativity!!!

  3. It reminded me of the shadow of a goose. Perhaps that is why your friend’s hat is marked with a “G.” 😉

  4. Lovely capture Nick.
    Reminds of the work of the artist Banksy.


  5. Love the strangeness of the shadow…. Thanks with your support for my blog too….

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  7. tomdrwiega on said:

    That’s a great shot! The shadow is strange but very intriguing!

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