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The Door Less Taken

ISO 1600 50mm f/2.2 1/320sec

I’ve been trying to find the lesser known wonders of Downtown lately which has resulted in many dead ends. But every once in a while I get exactly what I was looking for, like this beautiful blue weathered door that caught my interest as it was snuggled into a back alley way with few visitors, besides the occasional garbage boy taking out the days discards from the neighboring building. There are 4 buildings nestled up next to each other surrounding this alley way full of interest. The only way to see this seldom used entry is through a dark and rather intimidating graffiti tagged ย underpass that cuts through the bottom of the 4th encompassing building. I hesitated as I initially made my entrance but was comforted by some lovely scenes to be captured.

The lighting was dimmed by the the surrounding buildings and it was rather difficult to get a proper metering as the camera was jumping all over the place. The scene becomes quit busy with all the distracting leaves so creatively I wanted to step up to a larger aperture and see what it would do to tame the wild foliage. Im pleased that it seemed to soften it enough to enjoy without to much distraction.

Like I’ve said in the past these old building really get me excited. I love the brick work and the discoloration on various parts. It appears the whole building was at one time this wonderful shade of blue building the story of its age. Buildings like this have so much interest to them and often make me stop to just absorb all they have to offer.ย The overgrown vines in this case was an added bonus and add to the tale of the buildings many years. Im happy to have discovered this scene before spring hit, as the green leaves would have made this a completely different scene. Im sure Ill pay a visit mid summer to capture her other side!

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47 thoughts on “The Door Less Taken

  1. I like the composition and textures. Wonder how old the building is? Maybe turn of the century. If it were all blue, it must have been something to see in its prime.

  2. Nick, you sure find some wonderful things to photograph on your prowls! You are inspiring me to (at least consider) photograph other things than my usual nature or soccer subjects. Thanks for sharing your energy and enthusiasm, not to mention your wonderful images. ~Kyle

    • Hey thanks Kyle! I look to inspire, so Im glad you feel that way. I always look to push myself out of my comfort zone and into growth. So every once in a while that means doing something we may not have done in the first place.

  3. This photo is awesome! I love the wild foliage, the colours, the brickwork, and even the little pile of snow at the base of the door? Even though it’s in a city, it almost reminds me of a building out in the woods being reclaimed by the forest after years of neglect. Love it!

    • So true Cindy! Its almost like this building is out of place. I love to hear thoughts like this because it turns my imagination loose to imagine things I may not have thought of before.

  4. What a good photograph.

  5. There is something to be said about old buildings and doors. They have so much character. You can almost hear the stories they tell. Beautiful.

  6. I thought the same thing about how this photo would change if the leaves were green (before I read your last couple of sentences). It’s great to find beauty like this in the dead of winter, isn’t it?

    • Absolutely Carissa! It proves we should never stop exploring! Life is an adventure to be had, and as they often say its about the journey not the destination, so I continue to push myself to make the journey something to speak about ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Once again, you nailed it!

  8. What a beautiful image!

  9. What you are saying about the old buildings is exactly why I prefer to use old, rusty metal and recycled wood for my lamps, mirrors and clocks, etc.


  10. Wonderful! love the color tones and how old this looks.

  11. i like the photo…great composition!

  12. You should come back to this when the leaves on the vines are green. I’d love to see the difference. Great shot.

  13. beautiful photo!

  14. I love the texture you’ve captured here. I too love buildings, they’ve just got so much character!

  15. I love your eye for color. Great photographs.

  16. Taking the lesser travelled path can open cool new experiences, glad you turned the corner.

  17. weedimageoftheday on said:

    Love this! There’s a story here and you captured about a dozen different versions of it. Thank you for visiting my blog. I’ve enjoyed discovering yours!

  18. rsmithing on said:

    Well done! How satisfying to see what you went looking for.

  19. I adore this photo! It’s as if I can hear the leaves crumble under my feet. The colors, bricks and shadows make it unique but it’s the smell that pulls me in… thanks!

  20. BoJo Photo on said:

    A very nicely crafted image!

  21. I absolutely love this!! The composition, the texture, the blue of the door are all pleasing to the eye. Beautiful image.

  22. This is my kind of picture! Rustic setting, involving a blue door and bricks; I’m sold.

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