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ISO 100 154mm f/6.3 1/40sec

I love exploring my neighborhood to see what kind of hidden wonders I can uncover. Theres a bit of a maze of back roads that run in a unusual pattern then you would typically expect in a suburban area. Down one of the side streets there is this great little park that in the summer I love visiting while out on my runs. Lately the park has been under construction with a new playground as well as a observation section for parents to mingle while watching their little ones. Its only partially completed which is awesome for someone like myself who finds wonders in mundane things. The beautiful thing about this particular visit was the setting sun that was casting a beautiful golden cast over all the unfinished scenery.

These umbrella structures stood out to me above all the other interest to be had. I think it has to do with the simplicity of the structure against the nice back drop of the multi colored sky. Most the other scenes were cluttered with trees in the background or construction equipment in the foreground. These allowed me to just absorb their simple beauty for a while, even before snapping any shots.

I love seeing things in the beginning and middle stages of a project, just as much as the finished product. Its something I can relate to as being a creative. My graphic design work I do during the day is the same way, I love the process of seeing a piece go from beginning to completion. I feel it allows you to appreciate the finished piece much more. It provides a dynamic story that connects you and the piece at another level.

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14 thoughts on “Uncovered

  1. indeedDivya on said:

    Simple and Amazing! I am also very much inspired and in awe of how well you keep up with posting a photo everyday. I have difficulty keeping up with my photo blog.

    • Thanks so much! As far as posting daily, if I said it was easy I would be lying haha. But that the beauty of this project, its a complete challenge! I knew it would be a challenge and thats one of the things that has excited me the most 🙂

  2. Great shot! And I agree that the daily blog is a challenge to keep up with, but the rewards (feedback, friendship, etc.) make it all worthwhile!!

  3. Amazing perspective! Terrific idea and done so beautifully.

  4. Deconstruction, reconstruction all have interesting things, well maybe only photographers appreciate them. 😉

    Your photos are always amazing and create thought. Well done.

    Thanks for signing on to follow my ramblings.

    • Shez, you wouldnt believe how disappointed I was with myself yesterday when I realized I hadnt been following you yet. I was tempted to send you an apology haha. Thanks for your kind words, and I agree it sometimes feels like only photographers take advantage of the beauty of construction!

  5. Super image, simplicity with a touch of industrial look.

  6. So simple, yet so wonderful. I love the way the light hits the side of the umbrella structure. 🙂

  7. Frédéric Kroutchev on said:

    Have y got a site with a larger view of your photo-work ?
    I love some a lot, but i saw too few…

    Frédéric Kroutchev

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