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Photographic Inspiration: Jay Maisel

I wanted to share some interviews to follow up with my recent comments on Jay Maisel, who I would consider has had the biggest impact on my street and city photgraphy. Jay has a phenomenal view on the world, and though he talks like a true New Yorker he has many many years of wisdom to offer. Jays work is timeless and his words carry the same if not more weight than his perfectly captured photographs. Even though each of these interviews are only a few short minutes long, I can guarantee you will walk away a better photographer with tid bits to implement into your own creative workflow. I cant wait to hear you guys’ thoughts. Jay continues to inspire me and my work, and Im sure he will do the same for yours.

Jay Maisel – Photographer

Conversations at the Summit with Jay Maisel

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14 thoughts on “Photographic Inspiration: Jay Maisel

  1. joshbergeron on said:

    Hi Nick,

    Jay also inspired me greatly when I first started photographing. Thanks for sharing this.

    My two favorite interviews with him online is the Chris Orwig interview here:

    and the “Day with Jay Maisel” on Kelby Training here:

    I really want to take one of his workshops.


    • Hey Josh! Thanks for sharing the other interview! And I absolutely love the Kelby training Days with Jay Maisel. I watch both repeatedly! 🙂 And I agree I really want to attend one of his workshops as well. Its a goal of mine within the next year or two.

  2. “If I carry a camera around, I never have to go out shooting.” <—– YES. THAT.

  3. Thanks Nick. You have me hooked on Jay as well now. Keep up the great work. Just loving your blog.

  4. I feel very inspired, and want to go out and shoot my own city, specifically the downtown area of San Diego. Thanks for this new inspiration.

  5. A stunning body of work!

    I had never heard of Jay Maisel until now. For all I know, I’ve seen some of his work and never had a clue as to he was. You know I’m going to start digging now.

    Thanks for this.

  6. I feel so inspired after watching these videos. Thanks so much for posting!

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