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New Guest Posts!!

So Ive been contemplating on how to take this blog, that has actually been doing quit well so far, to the next level. I am a huge believer in having not only mentors but powerful people to surround myself with to invoke intense and meaningful conversation! So in an attempt to add to my challenge of posting my Daily Exposures and my own personal thoughts and creativeness, I have again challenged myself to reach out to the various people who have and continue to impact my life in helping me towards the-best-version-of-myself. So starting today, I plan on featuring a guest post every wednesday from top performers in their personal field.

My goal with this is to “Expose” you guys to my sources of inspiration, motivation, and often accountability, while at the same time “Exposing” my mentors and close friends to my awesome network of fans (thats you.. you awesome fan you) that have helped take the blog to where it is, even in its short month lifespan its had so far!

Realize Im not reaching out to just the ol average Joe, these are top performers and experts in their field, and I wouldn’t reach out if they hadn’t impacted me in a BIG way!

So without further ado, I introduce our first Guest Writer Kris Mathis, who I have been privileged to know for a few years now.

Kris and I met a few years ago at a few business meetings, and since then we have connected to an extraordinary friendship and now are working together on various projects. One thing I absolutely love about Kris is no matter the length or subject matter of our conversations, I always know Im walking away a better person for having just shared time with such an extraordinary person.

Kris among many other things is an establish Public Speaker and motivator in the Michigan market. He has spoken on various subject to a wide range of listeners varying form business men, college student, to speaking to the public at our States Capital building. But Kris’s main passion lies in motivating Youth to take their lives to a higher level.

Kris’s story begins with a rough childhood, with all odds against succeeding in any way. He grew up involved with gangs and other illegal involvement until a couple life changing events happened including loosing a few friends to gang related violence. Kris made a life altering decision to make large changes, and not let his situation hold him back from the success he could have. He took his new found motivation and put it towards becoming a top performer in the Corporate world moving to the top of the “ladder” quit quickly with hard work and dedication. Kris changed his focus from corporate america to sharing his story and his 8 key principles for success with the rest of the world.

Since making the switch Kris has founded an organization called “Teaching Kids Success”, he writes regularly for local publications, has a regular spot on the radio speaking of his story and success to the rest of Michigan, and is in the finishing stages of his first book “From Success to Significance: My Gift to the World” which is already generating a good buzz of excitement internationally.

To say Kris is a story of success would be and understatement. I am honored to have Kris as a good friend, and have been humbled to be brought aboard some of his exciting projects he has in the works. He is one of the most humble down to earth people I know and isn’t afraid to go out of his way to help others and share his resources.

To find out more about Kris, and to subscribe to his “Motivation for the Day” Newsletter visit his website here

You can also connect with him on facebook here

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