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Guest Post: Kris Mathis

Young Boy Baffles Reporters

Last week my wife and I were sitting at home watching T.V. together. As I began to flip through the channels I caught a reporter beginning to tell a story about a man who nearly drowned in a swimming pool. I found this story to be very powerful and I want to share it with you.

The reporter began to tell about a man who jumped into a pool head first. He didn’t realize that he jumped into the pool on the wrong end. Instead of diving in on the deep end of the pool, he dove in on the shallow end of the pool. When the man jumped in he hit his head on the bottom of the pool and knocked himself unconscious. The man’s 11-year old son and his 12-year old friend stood back terrified by this accident and not sure how to help. The man’s 11-year old son ran into the house to call 911 hoping his dad would not drown before the emergency team would arrive.

While the man’s son was in the house on the phone his 12-year old friend refused to stand back and watch any longer. The seconds were ticking away fast and the man was losing life rapidly while under water. The 12-year old boy jumped into the water and wrapped his arm around the chest of 6’3″ 230 lb. man the best he could. Then he began to pull this very large man to the surface. He got the man to the steps of the pool and pulled him completely out of the water.

The ambulance arrived and began CPR to bring the man back to life. After a few minutes of working on the man they had success! The man was alive!

After helping the man the ambulance team was very confused by how this scrawny little boy who barely weighed 100 lbs. soaking wet was able to pull this large man out of the pool and onto dry land. Even the reporter telling the story was baffled by the young boy’s story.

My wife Chawntrell said, “Hmmm, I wonder how he did it.”

I responded back, “That’s easy, I know exactly how he did it. There was no one there to tell him that he couldn’t.”


How many times in life has someone told you that you couldn’t do something and you believed it? Think about that for a moment. You must have the same belief as the little boy. You can do anything as long as you have the belief it can be done.

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Nicks Thoughts: Wow what a powerful story! I often find my self telling people “we are only limited by our limited beliefs”, and its so true. Kris’s story really draws out the truth on the subject, and shows us we are capable of some incredible things. Picture a sub hundred pound kid wrestling with trying to save the life of someone who is to him a Giant. If the other little boy would have said he’s too heavy you cant do it, chances are he would have believed it and the man could have drown.

I want to thank Kris again for being a part of the new section here on the site! Please show some gratitude by posting your thoughts on the story or subject below!

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24 thoughts on “Guest Post: Kris Mathis

  1. Great story. And just as powerful as having no one around to tell us we can’t do something is being surrounded by those who tell us we CAN do something.

  2. Reblogged this on katehobbs and commented:
    Thanks to Kris, and to Nick Exposed for posting this. Very moving and inspirational. I hope I am the person who says “Go on, give it a go”.

  3. I have just reblogged this. I hope I am one of those people who instill self-belief in people and say “Go on, you can do it”.

  4. Reblogged this on Cee's Life Photography Blog and commented:
    It all depends on your belief!! I love this story and lesson to all of us who don’t believe we can do something. We can do it.

  5. Kris, with your permission I would like to share your post with my students. The ending was a surprise and the moral of the story is one that my kids need to hear.

  6. First, let me start by saying Thank You to my good friend Nick Mayo for posting my story. I truly appreciate you and your great work!

    And thank you to all who have read and appreciate my message! If you enjoyed this message please take a moment and visit my blog at where you will find even more valuable messages and nuggets for yourself and to share with others!

    And please feel free to share this message with anyone you feel needs a bit of encouragement!

    Thank You to You All!!

    Kris Mathis

    • And thank you Kris. Its great to have these guys see how much of a Rock Star you truly are! I look forward to featuring you on the blog again, and am sure my followers feel the same way!

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  8. So amazing! I think sometimes even though no one was telling me I couldn’t do things, somewhere along the way I started believing that I couldn’t do things because I was looking around at everyone else doing amazing things and thought there was no way I could do the things I wanted. I am learning in my later 30’s that I can do anything I put my mind to and especially since I know Christ!

  9. So glad you posted this inspirational and heartwarming story.

  10. Excellent post. Thanks for passing it along. It’s so true.

    • Your very welcome Shez!! I spoke with Kris today and he is so happy you guys have found value in his words! I highly suggest checking out his blog as he is joining the challenge of posting meaningful info each day!

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