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Ariel View

ISO 1600 50mm f/10 1/250sec

So today instead of the typical photo walk with my camera back strapped to my back, I set out on a new challenge to take to the streets with only one lens, my 50mm prime. I typically like to switch between my 18-55 and 55-250 to have a bit of flexibility but wanted to push myself into a more structured thought process while photographing todays scenes. I must say it was an invigorating challenge and definitely pushed me to be more conscious of my subjects. I exercised zooming with my feet and ended up with more creative compositions because of it. Its the body tingling sensation of actually being able to feel growth as you push yourself into new territories.

I know many photogs have exercised this lens on the streets in the past, but the truth is I have been overly comfortable with my zoom lenses, allowing me to lazily take the shot I want from a distance. Working with a prime caused me to choose my subjects and composition more carefully which resulted in a new level of photographs. I did exercise my new found enthusiasm for ISO 1600, however it was more so because of the dark overcast we had today. In moving in and out of the shadows and shade today 1600 really lent to some extra flexibility allowing me to focus more on getting the most out of the 50mm.

I spent most of my time on the college campus downtown and found a good campout spot at the top of the student and faculty parking garage. I heard Photographer Jay Maisel quote another photographer in saying “Find the stage and the players will come”. Thats exactly what I did. As soon as I seen this extraordinary scene below me I knew I had to patiently wait for the perfect player to arrive. My original intentions were to get a car leaving the parking garage, which I did get a few fantastic captures of that, but as it turns out the best “player” was this student who walked across my stage with utmost confidence and grace! I’ve also heard Jay Maisel say if you aren’t terrified that your going to miss your shot, then the shot isn’t worth taking. That was definitely the case here. I had been waiting for the perfect shot for just over 45 minutes at this location and now that it had arrived I didn’t want to miss it. Miraculously I only fired off one shot and in my opinion nailed it. I was so excited I could have ended the shoot there, however I continued on and actually found some other hidden areas of downtown that few have seen and may be the subject of future Daily Exposures.

I see in the comments people mentioning how many people and look at other photographers and say you are so lucky to get those shots, as if they just magically appear in our viewfinder. Well Ill tell you I’ve had to fight for many of my shots and I wouldn’t classify it as luck. I’ve missed more shots then I’ve made and its just persistence that leads to great shots! This is the same in any endeavor we may embark on, persistency is key, it may not happen right away but as long as we stay focused on a single goal we will get pleasing results.

Also be sure to check out todays Guest Blog Post by a good friend and mentor of mine Kris Mathis. You can see it over here. Leave a comment and show Kris the same kind of massive support you guys show me πŸ™‚

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38 thoughts on “Ariel View

  1. I read the earlier guest post and shared it on G+. I also checked out his website. Inspirational, indeed!

    As for the picture above — my thoughts? Reminds me of the directional arrows we sometimes follow in life. They are often “up” the ladder, but we climb too high, too fast. It’s nice to see someone who looks to be walking with purpose, but not at a pace that will cause a tumble later! πŸ™‚

  2. Love the lines in this photo!

  3. The composition is brilliant

  4. The texture of the ground is awesome!

  5. Excellent composition.

  6. the lines and curves are great!! and how lucky to get somebody with a hint of yellow in their clothing?? great shot

    • Hey Jen, Im not sure I dont know if I would call it luck. I waited at that location for close to 45 minutes to get the perfect shot hahaha. I thank you for taking notice however πŸ™‚

  7. gweaverii on said:

    What are the chances of finding this curved yellow grid AND somebody in it AND being at the angle to get this shot? It all works beautifully!

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ I was probably waiting for about 45 minutes before this shot came up. I heard a saying once “find the stage and the actors will come”, and it worked out beautifully here!

  8. “You waited at that location for close to 45 minutes to geet the perfect shot! ”
    But this is worthy at the end. You reminded me now by saying this, photography makes us patient. I wasn’t like that before, but now, to wait for a nice moment is being a part of photography. Also this photograph reminds me my Milano days… From my apartment as if I am looking…. You really captured such a nice urban (life) photography… This student (I imagine like that with his bag) gives a wonderful touches to the gray pattern… Wonderful shot. Thank you, with my love, nia

  9. Fantastic idea you had for this photo… a great shot and the framing and surrounding environment is just amazing πŸ™‚

  10. Excellent composition. Love the perspective. And that’s what the 50 mm is so great for – you have to be more conscious and creative.

  11. Great angle! I often rely on my 50mm only too… just makes life simpler.

    • Thanks Lauren! I agree its simpler, but its also a bit of give and take. I sacrifice being able to capture detail shots at the tops of buildings or happenings down the street, but what I loose in shooting at distances I gain in extra creative expression I may not have worked with if I was shooting with a zoom.

  12. Nick you certainly did nail this shot. I read your post to my husband, not because he is a photographer but he supports me and patiently stops often so I can get the shot. We also have encountered a missed perfect shot, and went back the next day hoping for the magic, the lighting, the moment, only to have the night before’s perfect clear night be covered with dark rain clouds, pelting rain and howling winds. Last night as an example, my grandson pointed out an awesome moon. In the minute it took us to get out of the car, I couldn’t find the moon. The clouds had covered it.

    He is never surprised that he finds me early in the morning in my pajamas, barefoot, outside taking photos of snow or ice, completely oblivious to the weather. That describes me this morning trying to capture the sunrise, no snow but the temp was 32. Not very good shots…but another learning experience πŸ˜‰

    Of course in the past I only had the options of film. I always felt it was a good feeling to get 1 out of 100 that I was proud of. One of my all time favorites was an accidental double exposure that is matted, framed and hangs in my office. So sometimes there is luck. But often the photo of the deer or the wild horses won’t materialize even sitting perfectly still for hours every day in the same spot they were first seen. If I could plug my brain into my hard drive, there are some spectacular things.

    So far I love your work and especially the detail included in your accompanying blog. Big thumbs up!!!!

    • Thanks Shez! What a great response πŸ™‚ First of all its sooo great that your husband is willing to help you through you photographic journey, even if its just being patient while you wait for the shot. Second, I think its inevitable that happy accidents will happen if you put enough time energy and focus into it. God know we have plenty of unhappy accidents that goes on in our photographic workflow, but if we put in enough dedication and were persistent enough a pleasing accidental masterpiece is bound to come our way. I appreciate that you have found my work enjoyable so far! Its fans like you that keep me going πŸ™‚ Big Thumbs Up to you!!!!!

  13. krushworth on said:

    Fantastic angle on this photograph, mate. Thanks for liking my photo a day post and my blog, Traveling with Krushworth. I’ll keep coming back to your blog. Don’t hesitate to drop me a comment!

  14. Excellent composition.

  15. Awesome shot. I love the lines on this.

  16. yes being patient is indeed a virtue…….i have been taking some shots in the dark of the bats that fly in our garden every night………..captured some really poor shots of bats up until now…….no lucky shot has materialized yet…..patience……………..

  17. Don’t know how long you’ve been doing this, but you’re a natural

  18. This shot is really annoying Nick, as I cannot put my finger on why I like it. But I do.

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