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Interest Above

ISO 64 4.28mm f/2.4 1/20sec

I love when things make me stop and think “Thats interesting”! For whatever reason this was one of those things. I happened to look up at the store we were at and this made me pause and gander for a few moments. The crazy thing was I looked at it as if it were black and white already. I find that the more I develop my photog eye the more I seem to separate scenes in my head. I will not only see in color but strip the color away and leave its bare essentials all in my mind before even taking the camera out. Its exciting! Already this year I can feel my photography improving and were just now nearing the end of the first month.

I love this scene, simple yet complex! Its quit busy, yet everything seems to have its place. The lines are simple with various angles, parallel and perpendicular threads of interesting cables and soft circular curves. I cant help but scan the whole scene to see what little bits of fascination I can absorb.

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33 thoughts on “Interest Above

  1. Steve M. on said:

    Simple, yet complex. Great way to describe the photo!

  2. Very interesting and great! Lots of different lines, angles and textures to discover.

  3. Mr Mole on said:

    I love clean industrial photos. This is a good one.

  4. Nice photo. Where do you read on your iPhone all the information about the shot? I’m surprised that there is no camera shake at a shutter speed of 1/20 and how does it provide such great depth of field at f/2.4?

    • Nevermind. I figured it out. I pulled an iPhone pic into Bridge as can see the shot info. However, did you drop a zero off your ISO? I’m thinking it should be 640 since it was shot indoors.

    • Yea isnt that interesting. I actually find the info out in Lightroom3. I tuck my arms in tight and take the picture on an inhale to prevent camera shake. But really the iphone does a great job anyways. Thanks Carissa!

  5. dpixel365 on said:

    Very interesting post to read..
    Your thoughts really show you growth as a photographer..

  6. Nick, I worked for a small steel company for 6 months, and we used to craft air duct and install them. I got to work with these big round set ups before, and being up there is definitely not for those afraid of heights. The exposed ducts are always cool to see, especially when they change up the color so the actually stand out, as opposed to blending. Curious, from the black and white I cannot tell, but were these the same or different color than its surroundings?

    • They were same color as the rest of the surroundings. Probably why I Gravitated towards black and white. I love contrasting colors and it would have been great to see colored ducts! Thanks Dan!

  7. I feel you on developing the eye. I also feel my work improving, even though it’s only the end of January. Glad to have you as a work out partner!

  8. Ahhhh, nice! Great shot.

  9. Cool shot, this is why I got into photography, it makes you see things in a whole different light..:-)

  10. Very cool, love all the contrasting and competing lines and curves in this !!

  11. I could totally relate to this post. I often take pictures of unusual objects because somehow they are just visually appealing to me, although other people would never think to photograph them. This post brought to mind a picture I took a few years back, and I have decided to post it tomorrow. Check it out – you might find it “interesting”.

  12. I am so glad I am following your blog. Every day, I look forward to seeing your latest posts. I’m also doing a daily photo, and to see your photos gives me inspiration, not just to keep going, but for ideas too. Thank you. In honour, I’m awarding you The One Lovely Blog Award. Enjoy.

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  14. You have my attention. I’m following you now.

  15. rsmithing on said:

    Sentinels have breached the Nebuchadnezzar!

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