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Live Life :: Love Life

Two simple statements… Live Life.. and Love Life.

I will be divulging my passion for these words in an upcoming post. But first I want to hear what power and emotion you may put behind these words.

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts however brief or in depth they may be. Im curious and excited to hear what you have to say!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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45 thoughts on “Live Life :: Love Life

  1. The two most meaningfull sentences there are and that can put a person thinking about how that someone lives the life… it makes us wonder if we really need all we have and what are we really chasing.

  2. Life is short… Be happy while you’re here. Make a difference to those around you. Live your life and live it well, there is no guarantee how long we will be here. Let others know how you feel, say “I love you”, “I’m sorry” or anything else, don’t hold back… Wake up and be thankful, during the day think of the little things throughout your day that make you grateful. You will become a happier person…!

    • Beautiful response Barbara! Sounds like you’ve put some thought into this before, and that is exciting! It saddens me how many people wander aimlessly and cant put any meaning behind these words.

  3. love is a choice, a decision….you choose to love your better half……you dont choose once choose continualy…even when your spouse is annoying you still you choose to love her…….and she to love you…….it works …….it grown ..its easy…………………..i cannot love dead things…..being preoccupied with possesions is nothing more than lust… leaves you empty …..but i love my wife , my kids, my pets….they are my whole life, everything i have……i love trees,mountains and nature too…but diffrently…………………

  4. I think every day, you should live life to the fullest as if it was your last day.

  5. Live like heaven is on earth
    Love like you’ve never been hurt
    Laugh like no one is listening
    Sing as if no one can hear
    Dance as if no one is watching
    Play as of there are no winners
    Give as if you have plenty
    Smile till your face hurts

  6. I think that each day that we wake up, that should be enough to bring us some sort of happiness. We can’t look into the future, so each new day that we live is a precious gift and we should live it to the fullest. I know it’s kind of cliche and said too much “live your life to the fullest” but it’s so true! We have the power to either be happy and appreciate life or be pessimistic and let obstacles control us. Love your life because you only get to live it once, and hope and optimism are the way to go!

    • Good stuff Ally! Isn’t it interesting how we will often hear this kind of thing, but sometimes completely overlook it. As if its too simple of a statement to be true…

  7. They should be simple statements–I believe that the joy in living and loving life is dampened by overplanning and analyzing–instead of feeling and being. Sending peace…Sherry

    • Powerful words Sherry! Sometimes we over-anything too much that we create un-needed complexity in our lives, and it tears us away from the joys of having and sharing simple gratitudes and enjoyments. Thanks for your comment

  8. I had an epiphany when my grandmother was dying. Not a what if life is short, but what if it’s long like hers was. She lived 80 years and was unhappy about 60 of them. I don’t want to spend one more day unhappy. I learned to love the life I live.

  9. Love this post. To me it says be thankful for everyday on this earth and live every day to the fullest. Don’t waste the day live for the day.

  10. I’ve definitely learned how to Live Life….and am still learning each day!
    Love Life too….stop and feel the love!

  11. It’s a great phrase and makes me think about being intentional about every minute. For me, this phrase wouldn’t be possible to fulfill without first having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The more I spend time in the Word of God and apply it to my life, I realize that there is so much to accomplish and enjoy in this life and that every moment is important.
    It also reminds me of the sign above my door: Live well. Laugh often. Love Much.

  12. CHOOSE to live each day fully; do good; help others; enjoy the things around you; be thankful; be generous; never cry “why me?” ask instead “why not me?” and figure out what you can learn through the whatever.

    CHOOSE to love the people in your life,.

    CHOOSE to remember to be generous when you could be angry, remember not one single person lay awake all night trying to think of the one thing they could do to upset you; seriously do you think the person who cut you off in traffic did it to you on purpose? Be thankful you are not them.

  13. Life should be lived without regrets and the following phrase sprung to mind when I saw your post and that is to “live the life you love and love the life you live”

  14. Life is short – and you never know how short. for me it’s all about staying positive and true to yourself. And to make sure your family and friends now you love them and care. find a great thing about every day and appreciate it.

  15. Live Life :: Loveย Life

    Sometimes, like today, I forget to love … life.

    My afternoon 9th grade students were particularly noisy, inattentive, and quarrelsome today. I wanted to escape. I wanted to simply throw the book down, walk out of the room, and never return. This afternoon, I did not love life … nor did I love my students.

    I think that, at such times, itโ€™s critical that I remember this simple maxim. The paradox is that it is simple yet profound, and sometimes difficult.

    As soon as I get away from the city, as soon as I get a breath of air, as soon as I catch a glimpse of the riot of color in a sunrise or the explosion of a sunset, as soon as I cuddle with my granddaughter, as soon as I pick up my camera, I live life and LOVE life.

    The challenge is to live life :: love life while my students are being difficult. And I vow to rise to the challenge.


    • Great thoughts Mona. I agree theres times to where is much easier to Live Life and Love Life, but the trick is finding a balance where you can extend the experience into the rough parts of the day as well. Easier said then done I know ๐Ÿ™‚ Good luck ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Well, the first thing that came to mind when I read your statement about “[living] life” was Thorton Wilder’s question, “…do any human beings ever realize life while they live it โ€” every, every minute?โ€ Who could? Are you thinking along his lines, too?

    As far as loving life, sometimes I think I love it too much, other times too little. The world puts a lot of stock in loving oneself, but I rather think that most of us focus on that plenty enough and that our preoccupation with it distracts us from loving others as we should. On the other hand, I do believe life is a gift, and it would be ungenerous of us to appreciate it fully.

    • Hey Dave! Some really insightful thoughts in your response. I like it! I agree that sharing love with others is extremely important. However I wouldn’t say most people Love the life they have as much as they should. Part of what Im going to expand on in MY feelings behind the statement is that far to often we look at others lives and wish it were our own. Although Dave I have a feeling you don’t fall under this category often. In following some of your posts you seem to enjoy even the finer things in life. Whats it like out in Alaska this time of year?

      • Sixty six below at the river’s edge this morning. And yep, I’ve suffered from that malady you describe more times than I care to admit. Looking forward to reading all your thoughts on the subject.

        • SIXTY SIX BELOW!!! I had to put a jacket on just reading your comment! I look forward to recording my thoughts on this topic either today (Sunday) or early this week on monday or tuesday!

  17. To live life is to love it
    To love life is to live it

    simple truths

  18. My interpretation of this statement is that in order to love life you have to live it…
    Despite the traumas that happen in ones life there are lessons there to be learnt, bright sparks of inspiration and happiness to be gleaned. If we do not live in the real world, where things are not always pretty and easy, then really have we lived at all? If we have not lived on the bumpy road can we then really comprehend or appreciate a love for life? Living life requires taking chances and following a road with unexpected twists and turns which take us, whether we want it to or not, down other bumpy and scary roads. Sometimes we come out the long convoluted path and feel reassured we are going in the right direction. We have affirmed our beliefs. Other times we find ourselves on another trajectory entirely, living a life we never thought possible or would have even considered if given a choice. If we do not experience/live life then we do not grow as people. Among other things living life develops a person’s respect, understanding and compassion. By gaining these things we learn to love life in all its complexity.

  19. LegosnEggos on said:

    Sorry I’m a little late to this party! First, you’ve got to actually LIVE life — as in realizing that life doesn’t just happen to you, but you have a choice in EVERYthing your life is about. Many of us went through youth like a robot, allowing ourselves to just kind of fall into our circumstances, rolling with the flow. You kind of have to learn to realize you are even interested in what your life is about, and, to me, that’s actually living it. You have to really get out there and leave your comfort zone, and make life the fulfilling adventure that God/the Universe wants you to experience. (Think “Into the Wild” kind of stuff, Everest, moving away from home, etc.) You may continue to roll with the punches OR you may become a salmon swimming upstream. Either way, if they are all your choices, then you’re truly living life.

    The love life part follows easily, I think, if you do the above AND forget about the expectations of others while still also respecting and serving others. To be loved is the greatest thing, but you won’t be appreciated until you’re appreciating the life you’ve actively chosen, and the people in it know you have chosen them with whom to share it. Sometimes, that is going out to find those people that make you feel alive, and other times it is knowing when to simply look around for those already in your path who have always moved you forward with encouraging words, quiet support, and positive attitudes. You love life when you love others who appreciate you.

  20. To live life is almost beyond your control. You live, or you do not live (death). To live is to be “aware” aware of your heart beating, aware of your lungs breathing, aware of your mind thinking, to be aware of what is around you. That is living, and why so many people feel that they don’t “live” their lives because they are too scared to become “aware” of not only what’s going on around them, but of their own existence.

    To love life is more challenging still. To celebrate the fragile, temporary existence we are given. To move from beyond simple “awareness” to active choices that lead us down roads of joy, challange, pain (sometimes), and learning (sometimes most clearly through pain). To love live is to see it as the rare jewel that life is, and to treasure it. Not by hording it in a dark box where no one can get to it. Yet by setting in the sun, letting the rays of other people and the world reflect and dance through it, sparkling and delighting the eyes of all that see it.

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