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Corner Bistro

ISO200 75mm f/7.1 1/25sec

I love the quiet feel of this scene, its like a taste of relaxation amongst the bold busy ingredients of the rest of Downtown. Its actually quit contrasting to the busy street it is nestled into. This small restaurant sits on the corner of a building I’ve shot just about every time I’ve been downtown shooting. The building has a certain character to it that I have not done any justice with my photos, butt I will continue to fight with it until it opens up to me. However every time in shooting I’ve always focused on the detailed lining of the rounded roof and have constantly overlooked this beautiful scene beneath. I have touched on this subject in the past, yet still find it amazing that we can be so focused on something that we miss the beauty thats just a few feet in a different direction. And yes even I unfortunately fall into this pitfall at times, but its refreshing to catch myself in the act as it brings me back to reality.

Overall I just find comfort in this scene, with the warm tones and gentle structure. I probably should have bumped the ISO up a being in the shadows, but I still enjoy the resulting image. Even the soft edges from hand holding at this low of a shutter speed adds to the general comfort of the photo in my opinion. I do plan on getting back to enjoy the food and wines they have to offer, in hopes the building will warm up to me and allow me a nice shot of its other beauties.

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8 thoughts on “Corner Bistro

  1. Looks quaint. I like 🙂

  2. Nick – your photos are beautiful! If I wasn’t so far away, I’d check it out.

  3. I agree; your photos are beautiful. Your narrative adds depth to your posts and help me to see more in your art. Keep it up.

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