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A Shot of Love

ISO 100 50mm f/1.8 1.6 sec

With Valentines day around the corner the stores are filled with all sorts of lubby dubby nic-nacs and candies, leaving all sorts of room for creativity. I decided to keep experimenting with the ol 50 prime and my custom heart shaped bokeh cover. The results were actually really pleasing, and different then I had first imagined. I started with a sheet of black poster board 10 tea light candles and three heart chocolates. Originally I had the light from the candles illuminating the chocolates, and it quickly evolved from there.

It was a race against the quick burning candles as I had all these sporadicΒ Β ideas for lighting. First I ran upstairs to get some maglite flashlights to spot light the candies, which actually gave a nice dramatic effect, but was still a bit dark for what I was looking for. So I then ran and got a desk lamp to throw a wider area of light over the candies, which evolved into making a quick light snoot out of post-it notes in the shape of a heart to get this nice heart shaped spotlight effect. The bokeh cover gave me a much different look then I had originally planned but I like the way it turned out. Instead of turning the candle lights into hearts it added the multi color heart Β glares to the front of the scene, mimicking the double heart design of the candies themselves. The poster paper added a nice texture giving it almost a nice granite countertop look, adding an extra bit of elegant ambiance to this romantic scene.

I took some shots of a bit of the setup after it was through, and may start a behind the scenes section to give you guys a bit of a look at how I set up my shoots. Let me know if thats something you would be interested in seeing.

Ill leave you with this. A candle loses nothing when lighting another candle, yet the beam from the two produces an exciting new illumination. The same is true that hearts feel no loss when spreading love unto another, and together our love can light even the darkest parts of the world.

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44 thoughts on “A Shot of Love

  1. semisanemind on said:

    A truly lovely shot – you’ve given me the itch to try this for myself… ;o)

  2. Really a lovely shot! and I love your finishing words about lights, hearts and love. So true πŸ™‚

  3. Very nice! I’d certainly be interested in the ‘behind the scenes’ shots.

  4. Lovely shot, lovely words πŸ™‚

  5. Simply beautiful!! You have such great ideas!

  6. Beautiful and creative….I have that lens, I love it and am left frustrated sometimes too, but I am not a pro, so i have a lot to learn! Keep practicing with it…Great work!
    Great words on Love…a bit of a romantic are we?

  7. This is really beautiful. Love your technique~

  8. I love how you take us on a walk through of your pictures. My pictures often have a story and I forget to share it. Great use of shadows and shapes!

    • Thanks Audrey! Yea, personally with other artists work I love to initially experience the artwork in my own way. I remove myself from any preconceived notions about the piece and just explore it with my imagination. But after I’ve came up with my own story to the piece I absolutely love hearing the Artists story behind it. The struggles, the accidents, the emotion (both fear and excitement), and I look to offer the same experience to those who chose to check out my artwork πŸ™‚ Thanks for you comment!

  9. Very nice work, I’d be up for seeing the behind the scene setup as mentioned in your article.

    Graphic Jedi

    • Thanks Trevor! Quick fun fact: One of my absolute best friends name is Trevor! haha thought I would share. And I do think I will be posting the behind the scenes section sometime later this week.

  10. Creatively composed, lighted and photographed!!!!!!

  11. Outstanding work, Nick!

  12. I love how you put the settings on the bottom of your pics. I have the same camera and I’m trying to figure it out. Great idea! Love it!

  13. Wonderful; the shot, the description and the “promise?” of giving us a behind the scenes blog. So many people think a good photo is all about the luck and anyone can do it. It is inspiring to know there are photographers that still do the “work.”

  14. this makes me warm and fuzzy, in spite of myself.

  15. This is beautiful and delightful. Thank you for posting

  16. Unexpected can turn into the most awesome shots, can’t it? This one takes the cake! (Or in this case, the chocolate!) – love this shot, would make a nice Valentine’s Day card!

    • Hey thanks Barbara! And your completely correct about unexpected turing into awesome shots!! One thing I do is not worry to much when experimenting, allowing whatever happens to happen and then build off of it. By doing this I feel Ive came up with some pretty satisfying results so far πŸ™‚ Again thanks for the comment!

  17. dpixel365 on said:

    Very Nice

  18. Sweet shot but your expressive words at the end really say it all ..

  19. A lovely shot. Sweet. πŸ™‚

  20. Nice!! your blog is pretty awesome ! πŸ™‚

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