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Kiwi Slices

ISO 100 300mm f/22 1/4sec

I built a new macro light-box last week and just recently got ย new lighting for it, so I’ve been wanting to give it a good test drive. Today was another design packed day not leaving me much opportunity to get out and shoot, so I thought it would be another good opportunity to experiment a bit indoors specifically with the ol’ macro lens.

I absolutely love fruit, juice, and smoothies!! Ever since I was a wee little lad, I’ve always enjoyed kiwi as my favorite fruit! And to this day its one of my favorite ingredients in my green smoothies! As a kid I used to think it was such a strange fruit, brown and furry on the outside, but green and delicious on the inside. The seeds aren’t hard enough that you have to worry about biting down on them, and they add another level of texture when your eating it. It has such a vibrant green color that you can’t help but to let it put you in a good mood, and with its rich vitamin C, anti oxidants and enzymes your energy will match your mood.

Creatively I went with this composition because I love the white space and how it contrasts with the vibrant green. With the extra white, it allows you to be able to appreciate the color a bit more and adds a nice balance between the left and right sides of the comp. Just as when eating the fruit itself the seeds add an extra bit of interest to the overall scene.


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28 thoughts on “Kiwi Slices

  1. brittmae on said:

    Great Great Great shot! Love the simplicity and negative space!

    • Thanks Brittany!

    • Hey Nick, maybe you can help me out or even possibly one of your followers. I am having trouble building my panels in photo shop for my blog so that they do not come out blurry on my post. The theme panel size is 950×950. I first built it at rez 1 but have bumped it up to 72. My images at original capture are 78×52 @ 72 or 60.2M. If I pull them in full size and transform them down to fit into the panel they don’t look sharp. I have tried various aps for web sharpening both before importing them into the panel and after the panel is built and things are still not sharp. Today I have resized the images in a sharpening program down to about 8×12 @ 72 and still not crisp. WordPress help has not been helpful. I would appreciate any wisdom you may have to offer. Thank you so much! By the way…I am happy that I am following, your posts are great!

      • Colleen, I wish I knew what to tell you. The best I can do is tell you my simple process, which is exporting my photo’s out of Lightroom as Hi-res jpeg’s and uploading at full size. It could be the wordpress theme your working with, however when visiting your blog I don’t notice any issues with your photo’s sharpness. Absolutely stunning photo’s too by the way! Again I wish I could give you more to work with, possibly one of my followers might have some suggestions. I’ll also do some searching on the issue and let you know if I come up with anything. If anything you can export your photo’s as smaller png’s which should hold enough image data to give you a nice crisp image.

  2. Really nice Photo! I must look up how to build a Macro box. I really like close up photography. Nice job!

  3. Nice work. I’m thinking of bodging one together so would be interesting to see your tutorial ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I love juicing as well – how about a shot of your typical green smoothie, wd love to see what you use.

  5. Hmm, all the ingredients pre-puree – that would be a nice shot ๐Ÿ™‚ My boys always have loved kiwi. They cut them in half and scoop out with a spoon. Anyway, nice shot! And I look forward to directions to build a macro box, also. Nick, I love your cheery, upbeat posts and photos!

  6. After the portraits set i am building the macro set box’s will follow ๐Ÿ™‚ they really provide a whole new world of possibilities. great job done there and very well captured photo ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. chelsealeighbee on said:

    love this photo! even though i am deathly allergic to kiwi

  8. Mmmmmmm, kiwi. I love kiwi. Now you made me hungry!! Nice shot!

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  10. Nice macro shot. I love the clear detail, including the fuzzy skin halo around each delicious green slice.

  11. I’ve been trying to get a good kiwi shot and haven’t been able to. This inspired me to try again!

  12. briella on said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the kiwi shot!!!! so beautiful. Thanks for following my blog!! I am following you.

  13. The composition, Perfect!!

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