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Blue Windows

ISO 64 4.28mm f/2.4 1/620sec

Can you believe this picture is from Michigan in the middle of the winter!?! The snow is starting to melt away, although the forecast shows a few more winter wonder days right around the corner! However with the melting snow, it allows me to switch gears from the cold weathered photos Ive posted the last few days, and add some warmth to the blog with this vibrant summer-ish photo taken again with my iPhone today at a little breakfast restaurant called “The Omelet Shop”. My girlfriend and I were searching around for an open bank not realizing with MLK day, all the banks were closed. So pulling out of the deserted Chase parking lot, bummed that our mission of check cashing was foiled and would have to be postponed til tomorrow, we decided to cheer ourselves up at this restaurant across the street. I had never eaten here, but the exterior was so enticing, and as they say you should always judge an omelet shop by its cover.

This photo brings me back to my recent days of living on the beach in Virginia! In fact my neighbors building was painted almost an identical color scheme, with the addition of some orange and green. I can imagine walking by the blue window sills of the building with sandals and a loose fit tee that I threw on just after an intense game of ultimate frisbee on the beach. There was a 7-11 across the street that we frequented often, and if it weren’t for the no shirt no shoes no service sign, we would have spent all summer in our swim trunks and shorts. I would say Im still a beach boy, just in a Michigander disguise, which works well with the counter part of a Michigan omelet shop in a beach shack disguise.

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48 thoughts on “Blue Windows

  1. Fun, looks like summer to me!!

  2. allpowerfulwarriorgodess on said:

    Love love love this photo!! Thanks for following my blog 🙂

  3. Thanks for such a sunny photo on such a blah day. 🙂

  4. lolweltschmerz on said:

    Wonderful photo.
    The colours are simply amazing.

  5. Simple yet beautiful! I just look at this photo and I feel warm. Thanks!

  6. nice bright colors, so nice to see on a cold winter day.

  7. This is an awesome photo Nick!
    The colors are awesome and the contrast too.
    Love all the shapes that you captured here; nicely composed!

  8. I LOVE THIS 😀 nice photoshot 😀

  9. this photo makes me feel good all over

  10. This is so cool! Fantastic vibrant colors with great contrast. Love it! 🙂

  11. Just love the colours and contrasts you got there. Great job

  12. I love the colors, great to see midwinter when everything has been rather grey for quite some time!

  13. dpixel365 on said:

    The color and contrast is amazing..

  14. Thanks for the “like” on my blog. This is a great photo. Wonderful composition and such bright colors.

  15. What a cheery photo, especially given expectations of January in Michigan! I see you play Ultimate. I used to, and would like to again, if I can commit the time to a team. Love the game :o)

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I’m glad you did because now I’ve found yours. Love the photography, I’ll be back 🙂

  17. Superb. Love the colour anf the composition.

  18. Beautiful colours and superb composition.

  19. calvininjax on said:

    I love the contrasting colours and the composition. Good capture.

  20. this is fantastic – great work

  21. This and your blue wall shot are full of color. Of the two yellow is my favorite, its happy. As before great saturation which is key to these type of shots.

  22. Enjoyed your image — great contrast.

  23. Not what I would expect to see in MI!! Great composition!

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