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Glass of Wine

ISO 100 227mm f/11 2sec

A few days ago I purchased a 70-300mm macro lens off of craigslist for a great price, and since then have been looking for a chance to use it. I figured now would be a great time to throw some variety into the mix so today I set up a make shift photography studio in my office and shot my last glass of wine out of this bottle. I used a empty Huggies box from my nieces diaper box pile to hold up my taped together printer paper back drop, and used some left over gold reflective wrapping paper from Christmas as a light reflector off to the side to give it a warm glow from my flash bouncing off of it. After firing off a couple shots from across the room I pulled the image into photoshop and removed the lines from the paper backdrop. With a couple more tweeks this was the “final product”.

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14 thoughts on “Glass of Wine

  1. The last glass is the saddest glass, unless you’ve another bottle ready to go! Great shot. How did you do your “makeshift studio”?

    • Hey Paige! Your so right, luckily I had another bottle πŸ™‚ As for my makeshift studio I have a pool table on the other side of the room in my office, so I set up a box that I had laying around, taped a bunch of printer paper to it letting it trail off onto the table giving somewhat of a “seamless” back drop. I then set the Wine bottle and glass on the paper, took a homemade reflector made from a cork bulletin board with reflective wrapping paper left over from Christmas tacked onto it and had it resting against my dress shoes to hold it up to give a bit of a glow. Then from the other side of the room had my Canon with a 70-300 macro lens on a tripod and fired off some shots. After a bit of photoshop touchup this was the result. I could have saved myself alot of trouble if I would have just purchased a white poster board and done the same thing, but I didn’t feel like running to the store haha. A behind the scenes shot can be seen here

  2. nicely done! How did you get the reflection??

  3. Cool, the only clue to your makeshift studio is in the wineglass reflection! The body of the wine shows a paper trail! Great shot I like the studio behind the scenes shot. Are you endeavouring to take a different shot for all 366 days this year?

  4. Nice job! Very creative use of household items, too!

    • Thanks again Tricia! I’ve just built a new product photography studio so i look forward to producing new and exciting pics showing the beauty of everyday items πŸ™‚

  5. Nicely done, this is hard to do ! Almost ready for Stock !

    • Hey thanks Bella! I have a long way to go when understanding lighting on a picture like this. I just kinda winged it and hoped for the best haha. Im glad you liked it though! And again thank you for your kind words πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi Nick,
    Trust me..I’ve tried to create this, and made my own light box, bought special daylight bulbs…etc. It’s not easy. Really, you could almost use this for stock. If you get rid of any names, labeling, etc and make sure you blow out your background, or fix the background in post processing, this could be accepted.
    I got my Canon 60D last year and it most certainly is a work in progress. You’re doing great as a ‘newbie.’ Much better than I, and far more artistic.

    • Thanks Bella! I appreciate your kind words!! I actually made a light box the other day and got a new lighting setup so Im excited to see what kind of product and macro shots I can get out of it.

  7. great shot, I know it’s not easy trying to create your own mini studio, great job

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