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Old Dodge

ISO 200 29mm f/6.3 1/200 sec

This beautifully decayed and run down Dodge pickup is right down the street from my house. I spotted it just a few days ago and have been excited to shoot it. I love the looks of grungy run down vehicles, something about seeing something that was once worth a good deal of money, now sitting as a lawn ornament hardly worth 300 bucks for scrap. It reminds us that true value is not in our possessions but in the other beauties of life.

The farm decal on the side of the truck brings to my imagination that at one point this truck probably did its fair share of work on the farm. I picture the timeline of the truck from its fresh beginning as a beautiful blue chromed out pickup on the lot, through the dings and scratches of farm life, to the retired wore out heap of scrap metal that most all vehicles someday become. But, even though he may be run down, he still stands tall and welcomes guests at the gate as they approach the farm.

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28 thoughts on “Old Dodge

  1. Madly in love with this photograph! The old, decaying, around the new saplings. So much to think about here!

  2. calvininjax on said:

    A great shot and good work on the HDR.

  3. I am loving your photography! This is an awesome shot! Made even awesomer by the fact you hand held! WOW! (maybe I just drink way too much coffee 🙂 )
    Fantastic old truck!

  4. This is a wonderful shot. I like the decision to do it in black and white.

    • Doug, Hey man! I agree, I think the black and white breaks it down to the essentials and lets you just enjoy the scene. The original picture was too busy with all the colors. Thanks for your kind words!

  5. Great shot. I love when we make art from things that others pass by. The winter day and black and white shot is perfect for the old truck. hugs, pat

  6. This works for me, too.

  7. such an awesome shot!!

  8. This is just beautiful!

  9. jbjanda on said:

    I really like this photo. I share your love for old grungy looking things. Great shot and I love that you did it black and white–perfect!


  10. Nice shot of the Dodge.

  11. Nick,

    I sure do identify with your interests and feelings about your subjects. Love your work. Old Dodge has awesome tone and appeal.

  12. smoresnmore on said:

    wow! What a beautiful picture, I love all your work. Love the black and white, it makes it so very interesting.

  13. A fine offering, Nick! An excellent subject for HDR, and I like very much that it’s not overdone, but that you kept it subtle. And thanks for your first visit to my site, too!

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