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Birds of a feather

ISO 400 220mm f/5.6 1/500sec

I love the beauty in simple. And this to me definitely has this beauty. About 6 or 7 feet to the left was a group of birds all standing by one another, at least 15 or so occupying all 3 lines. Yet these three are off on their own separated from the pack. Did they leave the pack or did the pack leave them? The bottom bird looks in the opposite direction even, as if to good to give attention to the rest. Or is it shame?

Like I said I love the simplicity of this shot, with a tad of interest with the bottom bird breaking up the rhythm a bit by looking off to the side.

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5 thoughts on “Birds of a feather

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  2. Nick, you read my mind. Simplicity is a passion of mine.

  3. Dave, simplicity allows the mind to create its own story. When you try and force feed to much into an piece of art, the mind gets easily overwhelmed. Thanks again for your input!

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