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Tavern Lights

ISO 400 79mm f/4.5 1/25 sec

I spent the evening walking around downtown Grand Rapids tonight, much to the risk of getting shot or stabbed in some cases. I often check my back and keep an eye out on those passing by, especially when Im walking around with a big camera dangling around my neck like a crazy Flava Flav accessory. I do love shooting downtown however. Theres so much to be seen and appreciated in every single walk. At the same time I hate it as well, because coming back with so many interesting pictures its difficult to decide on one that is worthy of the daily spot.

This shot was actually one of my first for the day. I had just parked my car in the convenient 2 dollar lot and across the street was this tavern pizzeria bar and sports lounge. I loved the deep colors of the wood and building behind with the highlights from the lamps giving a bit of extra interest. I didn’t want to shoot in a conventional level composition. Instead I thought a angled vertical shot would a bit more interest to the shot. What I love about this photo is the many different angles creating almost a matrix of lines allowing your eye to find its own interest point. I have a black and white version as well but being the color was the reason I shot it in the first place I couldn’t justify posting it.

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6 thoughts on “Tavern Lights

  1. I like perspective shots. They always tease your eyes and lead them on. The angle here is fabulous because they kinda look like a spindly creature. Yes, the colour here is a good call, though I am curious to see the b/w version? If it is crisp, it may work.

  2. The angle makes it very very interesting!
    Nicely composed!

  3. yup, you’re right. b/w simply doesn’t do this picture justice. Colour is preferred. It’s one of the few times that I can actually say that as I’m a fan of b/w or sepia. But there you go… it’s a great pic. thanks for sharing!

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