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Fresh Snow

ISO 200 135mm f/5.6 1/50sec

In starting this project, I swore to myself that my first photo wasn’t going to be a personal shot of friends or family. Well, as you can see, heres my girlfriend. haha. I just had to use this shot because it worked out so beautifully that during our photo walk it started snowing. This winter has been something strange for Michigan as we approached the new year with only two recent snowfalls, both of which were rather wimpy for Michigan standards. But as they say in with the fresh year in with the fresh snow… actually I don’t know anyone who says that but it sounded good at the moment. Anyways, were walking around and it starts to snow so were trying to hurry up and get some good shots in before my camera gets a fresh coating of deadly snow over top of it, when I turn around and here she is trying to catch the snow on her tongue. Such a organic moment caught on camera, it trumped every other photo I took for the day. So here she is, my lovely girlfriend Michelle in her debut photo in my project. Im sure this wont be the last time she ends up in one of my posts.

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122 thoughts on “Fresh Snow

  1. Michelle on said:

    Amazing pic! Im so excited to see your daily photos;)

  2. It says JOY. nice.

  3. wonderful mood …

  4. Wonderful shot!!

  5. Nice shot, full of fun and full of life!

  6. great shot! We haven’t had much snow here either, okay we have not had anything that was over an inch and actually sticking. Plenty of rain and wind though!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog and liking!

  7. Simple and wonderful. Nice job (Both of you)

  8. I bet she will love this photo, she look so vibrant and fun!

  9. She’s lovely–your photo is lovely–snow is lovely! Looking forward to seeing her again…

  10. Kudos to you for posting everyday. I’m impressed!

  11. Lovely, happy photo – great composition – many thanks for sharing

  12. Well I can see why you had to post it…great shot!

  13. Great one 🙂 the quality is amazing

  14. Beautiful photo. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog earlier. I look forward to browsing more of your wonderful photos here.

  15. An amazing shot!

  16. Great picture! Love the composition and the motion of the snow. The expression on her face is so joyful! Thanks for stopping by Blue Lyon. I know what you mean about how a post a day keeps a person honest. I’ve embarked on a 365 (6!) project this year, and there are days when I wonder if I’m going to find a decent shot. Some days are better than others!

    • Thanks Carissa! Yea the daily photo challenge definitely challenges you, but a good challenge will push you into areas of creativity you never knew existed 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts

  17. Great portrayal of joie de vivre

  18. Nick,

    I saw your blog for the first time today. Haven’t seen it all, but I’m going to. Fresh Snow is so full of life, what candid photography ought to be about. Thanks for sharing it!

  19. I love this, what a sweet shot! I fell into that “trap” on my blog too, where I promised I wouldn’t take 366 shots of my son or my dog… I think that 7 of my 21-ish shots so far have been of one or the other 😉 Nothing wrong with capturing the people you love most! I’m enjoying your blog very much, thank you for popping by mine as well!

    • Hey thanks Lisa! I was going to say I agree shooting loved ones is always fun… but I don’t think that would sound just right. haha. So I’ll leave it at I agree! Thanks for your thoughts.

  20. Beautiful. I have just started these last 2 weeks teaching myself the basics of basics…blogs like yours are great for inspiration and learning! 🙂

    • Thats great to hear Abigail! Im glad my creativity has lead to inspiration! Heres a behind the scenes snippet for you… Ive only just picked up photography pretty seriously a few Months ago, so never get discouraged, just keep moving forward. Thanks again for swinging by and leaving such kind words!

  21. A wonderfully expressive shot! Great way to start the project!

  22. A great start to your 365 project! I completed my first about a year ago. I really enjoyed the experience and taking the time to look around my world for something to capture. Have fun!

  23. hi Nick,

    great blog! I’ve enjoyed reading and seeing your shots! and I just love the pic of your girlfriend here 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking – I really appreciate it! Hope you keep visiting and looking forward to keeping track of your thoughts&exposures 🙂

  24. ahem . . excuse the excess smilie

  25. One of those happy unexpected moments captured perfectly! You are off to a great start looking forward to what is next!
    Thanks for following my blog 🙂

  26. That’s a really lovely photo 🙂

  27. such fun, even here in summer i can taste those icy flakes!

  28. Ah! You captured that shot beautifully!

  29. Thank you Nick,

    Have a Blessed Day,

    Danny & Laura

  30. Pingback: Deep in Thought « Nick Exposed

  31. Wonderful photo; truly captures and evokes and emotion we all know so well.

  32. Thanks for the visit, the like and the following of my blog, Nick. My photography isn’t up to your standard, but I’ll keep trying to post things of interest to you. Cheers!

    • Rich thanks for your kind words, but never underestimate your own talent! I’ve seen your photos and you have many strengths! I will humbly accept your praise while at the same time returning it back your way! Thanks again 🙂

  33. I love those spontanious shots…i take a lot of pics of my daughters this way but they are now becoming teenagers and have become posers…which i hate… i have to be sneaky these days………

  34. Adorable photo .. very nicely done!! Can’t wait to see more — and by all means, use your personal photos, too. They add such a great dimension to the work!

  35. Love the playfulness! Great shot!

  36. Great shot! Keep her around 🙂 she’s a good subject!

  37. Wonderful shot. Sweet and joyful. Thanks for sharing!

  38. gweaverii on said:

    What a lovely girl and what a spontaneous moment! You are a lucky guy.

    Thanks for following my blog. I am an old woman from Texas, and the blog is my initial attempt to get together some of my amateur photos. You can’t imagine how pleased I am when somebody visits!


  39. What a fun soul your girlfriend has, adorable to boot!

    lovely photos.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.


  40. You certainly caught a lot of fun in this. I think it’s sharp.

    I have to look into your project.

  41. A marvellous unposed (very rare) picture. Excellent. 🙂

  42. Martin Lack on said:

    Are you a fan of Ansel Adams? Unfortunately, I had not even heard of him until at least 5 years after his death but, his legacy of USA-based black and white landscape photography is amazing. A friend gave me a calendar in 1992 and, a full 20 years later, I still have 6 of my favourite photos from it hanging on the walls of my appartment.

    Brilliant blog. Keep it up. Meanwhile, I will continue to try and find excuses to incorporate my photos into the posts on my Environmental blog.

    • Hey Martin! I am a big fan of Ansel Adams! Especially with playing with HDR, learning about his zone system can add a completely new dimension to the artwork. I look forward to getting some of his photos to surround my self with astonishing work! Thanks for your input!

  43. Funny! And a nice shot. Thanks for following my blog.

  44. Wow – you captured exactly what it feels like to catch snowflakes on your tounge! It made both of us laugh. Beautiful photo, hope you make your goal of a photo a day. That’s quite a commitment!

  45. Nick
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your snow shot was great and even better that she’s your girlfriend. All the best.

  46. I love this shot! I wish we got snow. Stupid California weather.

  47. Really great moment capture!

  48. So fresh, so natural, so young.

    Great pic!

    Wish we had some snow in our winter.

    Regards from Uruguay.

  49. She got one too – it looks like a tongue stud! 😉 We’ve had a pretty mild and frost/snowless winter here in the UK until just this last week too. I’ve enjoyed it as I hate being cold. Having said that, the first snow we got, I was off out in my sledge (toboggan to you guys I think) 🙂

    • We call them Sleds here in Michigan. We’ve had a very spotty winter and Im so ready for summer to arrive! And no she didn’t have a stud, it was a snow flake haha. Thanks for the comments! 🙂

  50. Gorgeous shot 🙂 – Sarah from

  51. That’s a wonderful photo, Nick. Such joy for life.

  52. Hi Nick, Many thanks for liking my blog enough to follow it. Love this pic, what a wonderful fun shot!

  53. Hi Nick:

    Gorgeous picture of your girlfriend. Best snow picture seen in years. You must feel proud of yourself as well as your girlfriend. Thanks a bunch for sharing. We don’t have snow in Panama.



  54. I just adore Michigan. Sounds like a fun photo walk!

  55. Thanks for the nod !
    Nice photo, I like the B&W !!!

  56. Thanks for visiting my little blog! I look forward to checking out more of your photos.

  57. Nick, I used a photo of my daughter today after I said I wouldn’t use family either.
    Is something in the water or should I say snow? Beautiful picture.

    • Its always a tough barrier to cross… do you use friends and family or don’t you.. My worry was making it seem like the blog was just going to be a catch all for any ol’ photo. Thank you for the kind compliment 🙂

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