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Hidden in the Onion Fields

ISO 200 18mm f/11 1/25sec

I definitely have a weakness for rundown barns, that and a huge weakness for light houses. Anytime I see a beat up discarded barn I get the sudden urge to pull over and jump out to shoot it. And thats exactly what I did with this one! I could just see the peak of the roof over the hill next to the road, but it was enough to peak my interest (get it.. because the peak of the roo… nevermind). So I threw the car in park, grabbed my ready to go camera and dashed up the hill. As soon as I hit the top I was just about knocked off my feet by a most fowl smell. It was difficult to place at first smelling like sour horse manure, but I managed to keep trekking forward off of pure excitement. It wasn’t until almost slipping on a rotten onion that I realized where the smell was coming from. I looked around the ground and realized I was standing in what I would probably say was the biggest rotten onion field this side of the mississippi (which is the only state I still spell out in my head when writing, not because Im afraid of spelling it wrong, but because as a kid we used to run around the playground chanting the letters like it was some sort of group spelling bee). With the constant change of weather out here it has left our fields quit muddy, so walking around this shack was harder then trying to walk across an ice rink wearing glass slippers, not that I’ve ever done it, but I figure it must be difficult. It was a continual battle between trying not to slip in the mud and or step on the squishy rotten onion land mines that were dispersed throughout the terrain.

I liked this particular shot the most, however this shot I also slipped when taking so the highlight exposure for the hdr was a tad off. Luckily the latest Photomatix Pro is great at reducing most of the ghosting when tone mapping the HDR images. In fact besides adjustments made in Lightroom 3 giving it my signature slightly desaturated look I’ve been loving in my hdr lately, I haven’t made any other adjustments.

Im typically more partial to red barns specifically, but this green really spoke to me! It worked so well with the muted tones of the rest of the field and wasn’t the typical bold barn Im used to seeing. It was well worth putting up with the smell and struggles against the mud. I’ve probably been its only visitor since the final days of onion season last year and more then likely it will stay that way until the soil is ready for next season. Because of that I feel privileged to have run across such an unattended beauty. One of the few that get to witness what it has to offer. The good ol’ onion patch barn.

They Have Arrived!

I am continued to be impressed by the Kelby Media Group. In my previous experience with winning anything its taken months to get to me and it hardly lives up to what the prize bearer makes it out to be. These on the other hand arrived just 3 short business days after winning! They were accompanied by a personalized thank you/ congratulations letter as well! Now thats customer service!! I cant wait to dive into these plug-ins and see what kind of magic they will create! Stay tuned for updates and reviews on these three as well as other excitement I have for my new friends over at Kelby Media!

Downtown Buildings

ISO 1600 55mm f/9 1/1000sec

One of my biggest inspirations when it comes to street photography is by far Jay Maisel. I could browse through his work for days with complete amazement. He just recently turned 80 years old and it shows, not in his physical ability, appearance or mannerisms, but in his wealth of knowledge and skill! He’s famously known now days for his beautiful photography of the streets of New York. He goes for a “photo walk” every single day and exercises his “photography muscle” as he so elegantly describes it. He’s also known for shooting pretty much everything at ISO 1600 giving him a very distinctive feel to his stunning photography.

I have learned so much from studying the work and watching many interviews with this extraordinary photographic master. So I decided to give a go at running about town at ISO 1600, and I must say the noise that you get at this ISO speed gives a very stylized effect which I like in some instances such as this photo, and have yet to acquire the taste of in others. It adds a bit of extra grit to the already gritty scenery downtown and can lead to some pleasing results. And I cant argue with the forgiving shutter speeds it lends in taking crisp shots in busy downtown. I think often as photogs we tend to get to worked up on image quality and trying to shoot at the lowest possible settings that we forget to just play, and experiment. Its great to see a true expert ignore the rules and CREATE his own masterpieces rather than worry about the settings.

I am truly happy I gave this a shot as it has pushed me outside my comfort zone of having to have as sharp or smooth of images as possible. It brings to the table the flexibility of creativity. Though I may not shoot like this all the time like Jay, it is definitely in my “camera bag” of tricks, and I look forward to pulling it out when the time calls… and maybe even when the time doesn’t call for.

Thanks Jay Maisel!

Interest Above

ISO 64 4.28mm f/2.4 1/20sec

I love when things make me stop and think “Thats interesting”! For whatever reason this was one of those things. I happened to look up at the store we were at and this made me pause and gander for a few moments. The crazy thing was I looked at it as if it were black and white already. I find that the more I develop my photog eye the more I seem to separate scenes in my head. I will not only see in color but strip the color away and leave its bare essentials all in my mind before even taking the camera out. Its exciting! Already this year I can feel my photography improving and were just now nearing the end of the first month.

I love this scene, simple yet complex! Its quit busy, yet everything seems to have its place. The lines are simple with various angles, parallel and perpendicular threads of interesting cables and soft circular curves. I cant help but scan the whole scene to see what little bits of fascination I can absorb.

Industrial Train Car

ISO 100 25mm f/9 1/60sec

Im writing this description a day late because yesterday was focused on my wonderful (now) 2 year old niece, who was having her candy land themed birthday party. Because of this my focus was on her and taking photos of her party so I didn’t take my usual photo walk. However that left plenty of opportunity to share another photo from Fridays findings. Often times when Im out running errands I like to force myself to explore the various routes of getting to where Im going. Theres something invigorating in exploring the different scenery available on the way to work, the market or anywhere else you may be going. And if time permits, Im not afraid to get lost and explore even more.

Thats exactly what happened on friday with this photo. I was out running an errand and turned down a wrong street. I realized my mistake shortly after but decided to venture on forward to see where this unfamiliar path would lead. I was excited to find these railroad cars down this road in an industrial parkway. I fell in love with the industrial yet clean feel and decided to shoot a few exposures for an HDR version of the scene. Read more…

Ol’ Rusty

ISO 400 21mm f/11 1/125sec

I had the pleasure of running across this beautiful Chevy Impala earlier today as I was out running errands and shooting around town. I cant help but to fall in love with rusty old vehicles like this. In fact I probably find more interest in this decayed beat up Impala than I would in a fully restored garage queen (and trust me you don’t typically hear that from a car guy like myself). But theres just so much character to a car like this, you know its had its good ol’ days! The rust adds a distinguished unashamed ambiance to this once so popular vehicle. Sure its rough around the edges but it still stands with tall with confidence ready to take on a new challenge to add to the many adventures it holds in its past. They say “If only cars could talk… the stories they would tell”, well this old classic is sharing a “thousand words” worth of stories right here, and oh what exciting stories they are. Each knick, ding, scratch, scuff and divot is a separate tale engulfed with emotion and even bits of pain. This is evident in the rust trails on the fender from what seems to be tears shed of both Joy and Pain, as its moved through this world treasured by some, and discarded by others. But don’t worry Ol’ Rusty, even though your imperfect, thats perfectly fine with me!

Thank You Photoshop Guys!

So I woke up this morning with an exciting email in my inbox informing me i had WON the weekly drawing on NAPP and Kelby Trainings weekly photoshop show Photoshop User TV with the hosts “The Photoshop Guys”!! So Awesome!! I watch the show every week and even without winning anything I have been a raving fan, not just of this show but of all Scott Kelby’s weekly podcast shows and the Kelby Training program! But before going into all that I should share the excitement of what I won 🙂 Read more…

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