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U-Haul Inspiration

Isn’t it funny how some of the best inspiration can come from the most peculiar places. You could be in the drive through or waiting in line at the market and all of a sudden that award winning “ah-ha” moment hits you like a 17′ U-Haul truck. You pick your self up off the ground and check the seat of your pants making sure they weren’t soiled in the act of this spontaneous moment of genius. When Inspiration hits, it hits hard and its a beautiful thing.

As a Creative (Graphic Designer) I encounter this all the time. Often I’ll be working on a project for a month, with days to go before deadline, working on little sleep because of a massive “designers block”. Then all of a sudden Im sitting at Applebee’s and theres my inspiration sitting there on the menu or advertisement block on the table. Haha. This is no joke, I cant tell you how many times Ive requested to take home a cup coaster, placemat or advertisement piece because I was inspired by it for my current projects.

It’s not always a new idea that hits a home run worthy of Babe Ruth’s applause. Sometimes, its an idea that has been present for some time, but has now been pumped up on inspirational steroids and holds that much more meaning to you.
Going back to the topic of the U-Haul truck in the first paragraph. A few months ago I rented a U-Haul truck to help in my moving back to Michigan. A few days before, I had posted a couple blog posts here about being present and in the moment. Half way home I look down to my instruments bezel on my dash and notice a sticker U-Haul had so kindly furnished in my truck saying “SLOW DOWN AND LIVE”. WOAH… Totally sells my point right! Now I realize the actual intentions of this tag were to promote safe driving. But hey reality is in perception right, so the way I look at it is “slow down and appreciate life yo”! Take time to smell the roses as they say. What a beautiful saying “Slow down and live”, don’t be so quick to move to the next adventure of life that you forget to experience the adventure you have in front of you!
Be on the look-out for your next burst of spontaneous U-Haul Inspiration! You never know when and where it might show up.
Live Life :: Love Life
~ Nick

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2 thoughts on “U-Haul Inspiration

  1. so true and I agree!

    It is similar with innovation too! Often people think that innovation is simply a bunch of people sitting in a group throwing ideas around. But its not! Its entails mistakes, positive and creative thinking!

    Essentially, we cannot plan these things. If we believe that it will come and we want it bad enough, it will naturally come to us!

    Thanks for this blog!

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