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Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Laziness

So I admit I’ve been slacking severely in my blogging lately. I could try and blame it on being busy in other areas of my life, and that “I just haven’t had the time to write”. But the truth of the matter is I’ve been lazy… not much more I can say than that. Its as my pastor often says “You have time for what you make time for”. This is very true in all areas of our life, think about how often we try and sell our friends, family, colleagues and even ourselves at times, that we are to busy to do this or that. Many times we push tasks or events to the side that are an integral part of our life, tasks that if done would help us feel more fulfilled and lead us to the Best-version-of-ourselves, but instead we fill this time with useless wastes of time and “filth” like Facebook and tv.

We pretend this is a secret to us, but in reality this is well known. See, I know that blogging and writing is better for my creativity not only as a Creative in my profession as a Designer and Creative Director, but also to my creativity as an individual. At the same time I shrug it off to the side and put less meaningful things in front of it on the to-do list. Also I read everyday but very seldom is it my bible. Now, I know there is no other book that is as important to my moving closer to my ultimate purpose, but for whatever reason I try to reason that I haven’t had time to read it. So my point is, going back to my Pastor’s quote “We have time for what we make time for”, if we truly examine our schedule and prioritize our tasks we can get past this, and move into a productive balanced life where theres no need to apologize for not getting to the importance that comes our way.
Although I have been lacking in the blogging department, these last couple months have been productive none the less. I am excited to say that my personal business has finally taken the leap I’ve been looking for to take me to the next level. The exciting thing is Im taking on more work then I have ever before, but am empowered at the fact that I am now forced to develop the skills and mindset to climb closer to the next platform on my journey to the Best-version-of-myself. On top of this honestly busy schedule, I look forward to having blogging as a constant part of my schedule to document my journey and lend my thoughts along the way. I am excited to have whatever readers I gather along the way along for the ride.
Live Life :: Love Life

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