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State of Gratitude

I admit it!! I forget to listen to my own advice at times. Sometimes we get so caught up in our personal circumstances that we forget that we may already have the answers/solutions were looking for. In my opinion, I feel that if we were to remove ourselves from most of the biggest struggles we have in life and look at them from a distance we would realize that the situation itself isn’t too overwhelming at all. Chances are we are just giving too much energy to the wrong side of the situation, or it could be that we shouldn’t be giving the situation energy at all. I have found that one of the best ways to pry our attention away from the struggles in our mind and life is to switch our focus and energy over to a state of gratitude! Its very difficult to focus on anything negative when your mind is overwhelmed with grateful thoughts!

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears” ~Anthony Robbins

Tonight… I am full of gratitude!!! Regardless of what ever circumstances you may be facing right now, realize you live a wonderful and blessed life!! Be sure to take time to bask in all you have to be grateful for.

Live Life :: Love Life

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