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Decisions Decisions

We do it hundreds of times through out the day… Often times without even giving it much thought. It has shaped and molded our lives into what they are right now. It is because of your decisions you have made in the past, that you are the person you are today. I’ll say that again, your past decisions are the reason you think and behave the way you do.

You often hear people debate this idea as they try and pass off the way they think and act to the situations they had come across in the past. The reality is its not the situations, but the way you chose to respond to the situation that made you the person you are today. Its as Anthony Robbins says:

“Its your decisions, and not your conditions, that determine your destiny”

Now if your anything like me this can, at first, be a hard pill to swallow. You mean to tell me I am who I am today because I decided to be this person? I mean of course I will take credit for my success’s, but that means I have to take credit for my “failures” as well. This is difficult for many people, as most are conditioned to find an outside force to place the blame of our loses and faults on. Its like when a child  commonly resorts to the o’ so clever excuse of “He made me do it”. No little Johnny didn’t make him put sand in sarah’s hair. Even though Johnny may have come up with the plan, it was that child’s choice to follow through with it.

So, now that we have come to the sometimes startling realization that in order for us to change into the person we want to be, we have to take ownership of the person we are right now, our failures just as much as our success’s, where do we go from here? How can we control our decisions in order to work towards the person we want to be?

Well, first of all lets examine the question of “What does the best version of yourself look like?”. No this isn’t a question of whether your best self looks more like Brad Pitt or Daniel Craig, this simply means envisioning what it means to YOU to be the person you want to be. And yes physical fitness, and even appearance may be a part of that vision, but thats only a small part of what it means to know where you want to go. You must have a good idea of your purpose in life in order to know what directions and decisions you need to make in order to get there! My absolute favorite author Matthew Kelly writes a great deal about this subject. It wasn’t until reading his books that I learned to focus on the Best-version-of-myself, and since then I have enjoyed a more focused fulfilled life. Some fantastic books by him on this subject are The Rhythm of Life and The Dream Manager. Both focus on separate subjects to help you live a more focused and passionate life. You can find used copies for cheap on Barnes and Nobles Marketplace section of their site (Im all about buying recycled books!!).

So now that we have looked into what it means to be the person we want to be, base your decisions from here on out off of that vision. Create an emotional connection with the Best-version-of-yourself and refuse to accept anything less! Ask yourself constantly “Is this bringing me closer to the person I want to be”. Is this burger and coke getting me closer to my six pack abs? Is watching this t.v. show getting me closer to my financial freedom? Is staying out all night getting me closer to my ideal health? By relating your decisions back to the vision you created for your better self, you can create the habit of making better, wiser decisions. So it boils down to creating the vision of your best self and respecting yourself enough to settle for nothing less.

“Self-respect is the root of discipline:  The sense of dignity grows with the ability to say no to oneself.”  ~Abraham Joshua Heschel

So here we have laid out the basic ideas of better decision making in order to reach your best self. This is obviously a very complex subject, and really we have only scratched the surface. Again I strongly suggest reading Matthew Kelly’s books listed above to further your knowledge on moving towards your dreams and the person you were truly meant to be. I hope if anything this has inspired you to pay attention to your decision making process, and realize that with every decision you make you are sculpting your future. The question is “Is the future your sculpting on a daily basis the future you truly want?”

I’ll finish this post off with this, although making proper decisions can at times seem difficult, in the end it is always more rewarding. But at the same time make sure your rewarding yourself with other prizes along the way. Your journey to your best self should be an enjoyable one. Be sure you recognize your personal achievements for the strives you make towards this greater version of yourself.

Be sure to leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this subject, as well as ways you have found to be helpful in controlling your decisions. We will probably dive further into this topic in future posts, but until then keep moving forward, and enjoy the journey!

Live Life :: Love Life

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4 thoughts on “Decisions Decisions

  1. I was curious to go back and see what started the exposure… And I suppose a big part of ‘us’, ambitious creatures, is striving to that “best version of ourselves”… Not an easy task I can tell you that much. However, that is also what makes it much more interesting, that challenge, that chance to be one of the few that actually get there and not only day-dream in a lazy aura… (well, at least for me)

    What helps me? I guess it changes from time to time but most consistently is writing and working out (especially in the mornings, gives me a huge boost of Energy, not only phisically speaking…)

    What’s your secret Nick???

    • Thanks for presenting such a great question!! I have a few upcoming posts that will be covering this topic in depth, so if I may, Ill leave you at the edge of your seat until then. I do however look forward to your response when they do get posted. I love this kind of conversation!

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