“Silence & Obscura” Exhibition Thank You

I had the immense privilege of being the first solo artist exhibition at the new location of Ferris Coffee, in the Trust building of Downtown Grand Rapids. This was my first legitimate exhibition, and to have it be a solo show at that was truly an honor. If you follow my Instagram or Facebook, then you are probably familiar with the fact that I fall into the category of what some may label “coffee snob” (I prefer connoisseur), and Ferris Coffee happens to be my preferred coffee house here in Grand Rapids. So needless to say I was truly taken aback when I found out that I would be the first officially exhibited artist in their new location, right in the heart of Downtown.

This is a sort of an open letter thank you to everyone who made it out for the opening reception, as well as everyone who made an effort to make it out to see the work while it was being exhibited! I was very happy with how the show came together, and truly humbled that over 50 people made way in their schedule to attend the opening reception. 

The exhibition comes to an end this week, as I will be removing the pieces on Wednesday evening. I want to give a huge thank you to Ferris Coffee for partnering with me in this show. Jessica, James and the rest of the Ferris team were an absolute blast to work with, and truly made the entire process a memorable one. 

Special Thank You’s

The video below was shot and edited by the great Jeremiah Harlow. He took my brief vision for what a video recap of the night could be, and truly elevated it to the next level! Not only is he an extremely talented film maker, but he also co-started what has become known as the coffee quest with me over a year and a half ago. You can check out our coffee quest hashtag #grcoffeequest

Another big thank you goes to Photographer David Lubbers. I met David just a couple weeks prior to the exhibition, after coming across his incredible photo-book “Persistence of Vision” at a local book store. When he heard I was in need of getting my larger pieces framed and matted for the show, he quickly offered his years of expertise and resources to make sure it was done right and on time.

Last but certainly not least, I owe so much of the success of this show to my wonderful wife Emily. I literally could not have made it all happen without her help and support. Having shown in many galleries & exhibitions in the past, Emily knew exactly what needed to happen every step of the way. She helped in wording my artist bio and statement, as well as framing and hanging the rest of the pieces. So much of this experience was new to me, but having her experience to call on brought a ton of peace into the process! (Thank you babe!)

Opening Reception Gallery

In true spirit of a photo exhibition, I couldn’t help but shoot a couple rolls of film throughout the night. Enjoy the gallery, and be sure to check out Jeremiah’s video as well!



Once again, I am blown away by everyones kindness and support for this exhibition. Thank you to all who made it out, purchased prints (Some are still available if you are interested 😉 ), and all who sent kind remarks on the webs! You all made this show a huge success!


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