March 31st Chicago Film Meetup

Thank you for expressing interest in the March 31st Film Shooters Meet-up in Chicago, IL. This event is meant to bring film shooters from all over together to get to know each other and shoot film together. Please realize all the details listed below are subject to change. The best way to stay in the know is by filling out the form at the bottom of this page to get any updates & changes made to the schedule. (Your information will not be used for anything other than communication for this event)

If you have never visited or photographed in Chicago then you are in for a treat. Its personally one of my favorite cities to visit for street photography as well as sight seeing in general. Not to mention the legendary Central Camera Company, which is one of the oldest camera stores in the country. Wait until you see the film cameras they have in their collection!

The Event

This is an all day meet up, however you are welcome to join us at your earliest convenience.

We will be meeting up Friday morning at 10am at the Corner Bakery Cafe just around the corner from Central Camera (Address in the Itinerary below). There we will make introductions, swap film, talk gear and take time to get the initial conversations under way. Around noon we will break off into groups however we like, and head out for lunch and the afternoons shooting.

There is a Provoke Era photography exhibition going on at the Art Institute of Chicago. I will be visiting the exhibition around 2:30 or 3 and anyone who would like to attend with me is welcome to join. (Tickets range from $22 to $27)

We will plan to reconvene at 8pm (Location TBD) where we can do a print swap, share stories from the day and say our goodbyes.

If you have any suggestions or questions as far as the day is concerned, please include them in the contact form below, or send them to me directly on instagram.

Current Itinerary

10am-12pm: Meet up at Corner Bakery Cafe (224 S Michigan Ave #100, Chicago, IL 60604)
Introductions, Talk Gear, Swap Film and Conversations

12pm: Break for Lunch, Central Camera and Afternoon Photowalk

2:30pm: Provoke Era Photography Exhibit at AIC for anyone interested (keep in mind ticket price)

8pm: Reconvene, Print Swap, Share Stories & Goodbyes (Location TBD. Would welcome any suggestions)

The Itinerary is simply a suggestion for what the day could look like. You are welcome to adhere to as much or as little of it as you would like. The main goal is to meet new friends and shoot some film together!

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