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The Search For Lucille

I’ve been trying to avoid the conversation of camera gear over the past few months, while I dig deeper into the theory behind my work. But I want to share a conversation going on in my head as of late.  Growing up I remember sitting in my room, sifting through my dads tape & record… Read More

Short Adventure With Granddad’s Ricoh

There’s no denying it, I have a soft spot for point and shoot film cameras. There’s a bit of romance to their simple, compact nature. A few weeks back I acquired my grandfathers Ricoh AF zoom p&s. He passed away years ago, so anything I get of his these days is well cherished. The camera… Read More

Hello Once Again

I’ll save you the long drawn out post about how I’ve been sooo busy over the last few years, and how it has hindered me from keeping up with the blog… yada yada yada I’m back… relaunching This time around there’s going to be lots of film! See you soon! -Nick Mayo