Date Archives October 2016

Magicians & Their Secrets

I had an interesting encounter the other day, through Instagram, with a fellow film photographer. I had stumbled upon his feed, and was thoroughly impressed with his work. In good fashion I went through and liked a great deal of his photos (some might call this Instagram stalking), and then proceeded to follow him in order… Read More

Overthinking Favorites

Friday evening Emily and I had an initial consultation with a bride and groom that are considering booking us to photograph their wedding and engagement. Wonderful couple, tons of fun to talk with and get to know! They are both artists and really shared their appreciation for our work, which always means so much to us… Read More

Music In The Creative Process

I find it so interesting how much music can effect my creative process. Early today I sat at my desk ready to knock out some design projects I need to get off my plate before Emily and I head up north for the weekend with my in-laws. I immediately opened Pandora Radio, and launched the Chillstep station… Read More

The Develop Sessions

With so much of todays learning taking place on google and youtube, the idea of mentoring someone or teaching one on one can sometimes seem like a lost art form in and of itself. I think of times past, where the only option you had for learning a skill was in apprenticing under a craftsman…. Read More

Artist Statements

I’m in the middle of putting a submission together to have some of my work exhibited at a local coffee shop/art gallery. Its a small series I recently sequenced together while doing some print exchanges with some amazing photographers across the globe (Literally across the globe, I think I actually sent out more international packages… Read More